Introduction to Committees

The President has established a number of standing committees as an aid in conducting college business. Most committee assignments are determined by faculty and staff preferences. For some standing committees, the President appoints the committee members upon the recommendation of the Executive Vice President. Some committees include student(s) these are Admissions, Learning Resources Center, Student Affairs, Health and Safety, and Diversity.

The period of service is one year except where otherwise specified in the committee description. All committees begin their annual operation during the fall term and elect a committee chairperson and a secretary at the initial meeting, unless the chairperson is designated otherwise in the committee description.

College committees may be “standing” or ad hoc. A standing committee is ongoing and established to deal with long-term issues; an ad hoc committee is one created to meet a short-term need. The College’s standing committees are described in the following section; followed by a section describing the College’s advisory committees, whose membership is primarily comprised of non-college employees.

The President reserves the right to review, modify, and revise recommendations of college committees.

Robert’s Rules of Order governs the conduct of all committee meetings. Committee chairpersons are responsible for ensuring that the minutes including the names of members present and absent are kept and that the minutes of the meetings are emailed to all college personnel. At the end of the year, committee chairs will send a summary of that year’s committee activities to the Executive Vice President.