Distance Learning Committee

The Distance Learning Committee plans, evaluates, and recommends policies and guidelines for the distance learning programs at ACC.

The role of the committee is:

  • To regularly evaluate distance learning programs to ensure quality of instruction and services.
  • To ensure consistent learning outcomes between students in distance and traditional delivery methods.
  • To align distance learning programs with the College’s vision, mission and goals.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of assessment tools.
  • To monitor the quality of communication media and marketing materials that provides information about the distance learning program including the College website and print materials.
  • To assist the Director of Distance Learning in evaluating newly developed online, hybrid and web enhanced courses prior to implementation.
  • To research and develop policies for intellectual property rights and copyright issues that relate to distance learning classes.
  • To identify resources necessary to support the distance learning program including technology, personnel, facilities, marketing, and external partnerships.