Leave Without Pay

For good cause, the President may grant non-paid leave. Employees requesting a non-paid leave must submit the request to their immediate supervisor who will route it to the President for approval. An approved copy must be sent to the Human Resources Director.

Any leave taken beyond the amount to which an employee is entitled under state and federal laws and regulations will be considered when assessing his or her job performance. Additional absences beyond the employee’s entitled legal leave may be granted if such an allowance is determined to be in the best interest of the College.

Leave without pay may be used only after all other appropriate leave is exhausted. The employee cannot take leave without pay and combine it with other available leave time, except after qualifying for short-term disability and/or Family Medical Leave.

Employees in a non-pay status do not earn any benefits.

Advancing of paid leave to cover anticipated absences can only be approved by the President. Written requests stating the type of leave and amount desired must be sent and approved by the President before leave can be taken, or as soon as practicable.