Educational Leave

The staff is encouraged to enroll in courses for professional development and for job relevant higher degree(s). To that end, full-time staff may enroll in one course per term at Alamance Community College and receive a waiver of tuition with the exception of Self-Supporting courses.
The term “educational leave” refers to the period of time an employee is released from duties to attend a class during the time they are normally required to work.
An employee may be granted educational leave provided that all of the following conditions are met:
(1) The employee is full-time.
(2) The employee has been employed at the College for a minimum of one fiscal year.
(3) The program or course engaged in must directly improve the competency of the employee in the performance of duties assigned.
(4) The employee must maintain satisfactory progress in the course.
(5) The employee is on call during class time should an emergency arise.
(6) Additional funds are not required to pay a substitute so that the employee may attend class.
(7) The employee’s supervisor and the appropriate Vice President must approve the educational leave time.
(8) Leave time may not exceed five hours per week, with no more than two hours in any one-day. The employee will be required to make up the leave time if the supervisor deems it necessary.
(9) Leave time is granted to an employee for a maximum of two terms per year.
(10) Leave time is not to be reported as “hours worked.” It must be reported in the “coded hours” as “O – E.L.” (Educational leave).
(11) The President may waive these regulations when the best interests of the College are served.

Note: This policy does not apply when a supervisor, as part of the disciplinary process, requires an employee to take a specific class during work hours to improve his or her job performance.
b. Educational Leave State funds may be used to pay instructional employees’ salaries while they are on educational leave if the following criteria are met:
(1) The employee is employed full-time on a 9, 10-12- month basis.
(2) The employee is under contract to the College for the next fiscal year.
(3) Educational leave will not exceed a period of 60 workdays per calendar year.
(4) An employee who fails to honor the contract stipulated in Subparagraph (b) (2) of the General Statute Rules will be required to repay the amount expended for the educational leave. If the employee fulfills a portion of the contract before failing to honor the contract, repayment shall be based on a pro-rated portion (e.g., if an employee worked four months of a 12-month contract, a repayment of 66.7% of the educational leave would be required). Legal Reference: G.S.115D-5; 115D-20; 115D-31; S.L.1995, c. 625.