Community Service Leave

As the College finds it advantageous for employees to be involved and engaged in community efforts, Alamance Community College (ACC) would like to support faculty and staff who wish to volunteer in schools, communities, institutions of higher education, State agencies and non- profit organizations. ACC recognizes the commitment of employees to participate in volunteer service. Effective April 1, 2021, Community Service Leave may be granted to:

  • Parents for involvement with their child(ren) in their schools,
  • Any employee for volunteer activity in the schools, or,
  • Any employee for volunteer activity in a not-for-profit community service organization, or,
  • Any employee volunteering in a public university, community college system or state agency provided the service is outside of the employee’s normal scope of duties and responsibilities and the employee is not receiving any form of compensation for the services rendered.

Although religious or political organizations may be classified as 501 (c)(3), community service leave does not apply to activities designed to promote the mission, values, beliefs, goals and objectives of religious or political organizations.

With approval from the immediate supervisor or his/her designee, an employee is eligible for eight hours of community service leave per year. Should the employee exceed 8 hours, he/she will be required to use vacation leave. The eight hours of paid leave shall be credited to each employee on January 1 of each year. Only full-time employees will be eligible for community service leave. Leave not taken by the end of the period is forfeited and shall not be carried or transferred into another leave category or period. Employees shall not be paid for such unused leave at separation or termination of employment.

Community Service Leave for volunteer service is meant to be used for actual service time. Time spent training to be a volunteer is not covered by Community Service leave. Also, time spent in administrative duties such as attending organization meetings, electing officials, or attending social events sponsored by an organization shall not be covered by Community Service Leave.

Employees must receive approval from their immediate supervisor or his/her designee to use this leave. The supervisor may require the leave be taken at a time other than what is requested based on the needs of the department. Leave shall only be requested and approved for community service that occurs during the employee’s regularly scheduled hours of work. The College may require acceptable proof leave is being utilized according with the purpose and intent of this policy.

Approved by the Board of Trustees April 12, 2021