Communicable Disease

Alamance Community College (“ACC”) recognizes that certain communicable diseases can have serious implications on the good health and safety of all students and employees. The college does not discriminate, in policy or practice, against persons infected with a communicable disease; however, it does expect that those individuals conduct themselves in an ethical and legal manner to protect themselves and others.

A. Individuals infected with a communicable disease are expected to seek prompt expert medical advice and implement recommended treatment. Individuals are encouraged to advise ACC of communicable disease and treatment with the appropriate college administrator so that the college can respond appropriately to their needs on a case by case basis. Students should contact the Dean of Student Development and employees should contact the Director of Human Resources.

B. Medical information relating to the communicable disease of a student/employee will only be disclosed to responsible college officials on a strictly need-to-know basis and will be kept confidential in accordance with applicable governmental privacy regulation and subject to applicability, if any, to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

C. Persons infected with a communicable disease, who qualify as an individual with a disability pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, will not be excluded from participation in or denied benefits of ACC’s services, programs or educational activities or from employment unless individually based medical judgments indicate that exclusion from classes or other restricted activities, or work, is necessary for the health and safety of the individual or members of the college community.

D. In the event it is determined by ACC in its judgment, based upon available medical or health authority opinion, the individual, as a student or employee, has a contagious disease detrimental to himself/herself or to his/her fellow workers or to other members of the college community, ACC reserves the right to exclude at any time such individual harboring such detrimental contagious disease from employment, or classes or other activities exposing other individuals until acceptable evidence is presented in the judgment of ACC that the subject individual is no longer a detriment to the college community or himself/herself.

E. Any individual affected by such decision of exclusion shall have the opportunity of review pursuant to ACC’s Grievance Procedure.

Source: Board Action: Board Minutes, June 12, 1989, Page 798. Amended: August 13, 2007, Page 1717