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ACC, NC State Horticulture Programs Announce New Transfer Agreements

Alamance Community College (ACC) has announced the first articulation transfer agreement between its Horticulture Technology program and the counterpart at NC State University (NCSU).

ACC has several articulation agreements with other North Carolina institutions, including Elon University, UNC Wilmington, NC Central University, and even NC State. This is the first time ACC has partnered with NCSU on a transfer agreement specifically for the Horticulture Technology program.

Dr. Elizabeth Riley, Horticulture Technology Department Head

Dr. Elizabeth Riley, Horticulture Technology Department Head

“We have established two new articulation partnerships with our colleagues at North Carolina State University,” said Dr. Elizabeth Riley, Department Head of ACC’s Horticulture Technology program. “These new opportunities are intended to recruit more students into our horticulture program here at ACC because it provides a direct pathway to the bachelor’s degree in NC State’s Horticultural Science Department.”

The first option is NC State’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) PackTrac program. It is a 1+3 program consisting of only two semesters at ACC—fall and spring—for a minimum of 30 credit hours. Students have the opportunity to add up to 6 additional hours of General Education program electives. Once the minimum 30 hours are reached, the student will transfer to NC State to complete the bachelor’s degree in Horticultural Science.

The second option from this partnership is 2+2 and allows the participants to complete an Associate in General Education with a concentration in either General/Landscape or Science. Both opportunities have students studying for two years at ACC and earning an associate’s degree with 67 credit hours. Once their two-year degree is complete the students will transfer into the Horticultural Science Department at NC State.

“The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is excited to partner with ACC on our PackTrac pathways for students. Committed to access, advising, and agriculture, this is a great program for many students in our state,” said Tricia Buddin, Director of Student Services and CALS Ambassadors Advisor at NC State University.

“It’s a wonderful chance to save on your tuition in a one or two-year program before heading to NC State University to complete a bachelor’s degree in horticultural science,” said Riley.

For more information or to apply for either the 1+3 or 2+2 concentrations, contact Dr. Elizabeth Riley at 336-506-4192 or