Alamance Community College
2023 Calendar Year

Fire Protection Certificate

The Fire Protection Certificate is a 15-hour concentration under the curriculum of Fire Protection Technology that has been specifically designed to prepare fire-fighters for operational-level positions with the fire service. It provides professional development and career enhancement opportunities for those currently employed, as well as those newly entering into fire service careers.

Courses taken toward completion of the certificate apply toward both the diploma, as well as to the Fire Protection Technology Associate in Applied Science degree.

Course work includes a writing course (ENG 111) and four FIP courses: Introduction to Fire Protection; Building Construction; Fire Fighting Strategies; and Fire Prevention & Public Education.

Students entering for the certificate options are required to meet the same criteria for the diploma and the Fire Protection Technology associate's degree.

FIP-120 Introduction to Fire Protection 3 3
FIP-120   Introduction to Fire Protection PREREQUISITES and COREQUISITES • NONE

This course provides an overview of the development, methods, systems and regulations that apply to the fire protection field. Topics include history, evolution, statistics, suppression, organizations, careers, curriculum, and related subjects. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate a broad understanding of the fire protection field.

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FIP-124 Fire Prevention & Public Education 3 3
FIP-124   Fire Prevention & Public Education PREREQUISITES and COREQUISITES • NONE

This course introduces fire prevention concepts as they relate to community and industrial operations referenced in NFPA standard 101. Topics include the development and maintenance of fire prevention programs, educational programs, and inspection programs. Upon completion, students should be able to research, develop, and present a fire safety program to a citizens or industrial group.

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FIP-132 Building Construction 3 3
FIP-132   Building Construction PREREQUISITES and COREQUISITES • NONE

This course covers the principles and practices reference in NFPA standard 220 related to various types of building construction,including residential and commercial, as impacted by fire conditions. Topics include types of construction and related elements, fire resistive aspects of construction materials, building codes, collapse, and other related topics. Upon completion, students should be able to understand and recognize various types of construction and their positive or negative aspects as related to fire conditions.

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FIP-220 Fire Fighting Strategies 3 3
FIP-220   Fire Fighting Strategies PREREQUISITES and COREQUISITES • NONE

This course provides preparation for command of initial incident operations involving emergencies within both the public and private sector referenced in NFPA standards 1561, 1710, and 1720. Topics include incident management, fire-ground tactics and strategies, incident safety, and command/control of emergency operations. Upon completion, students should be able to describe the initial incident system as it relates to operations involving various emergencies in fire and non-fire situations.

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Semester Total 12 12