Shelter in Place: What You Should Know

Last Updated March 2020

As you are aware, many municipalities across North Carolina have issued (or may soon issue) a “shelter-in-place” or “stay-at-home” order.  Some questions have arisen from ACC employees and students who reside in surrounding counties. 

From what we have been able to research thus far from individual proclamations, educational institutions are exempt from these orders.       

Please note that Alamance Community College will remain open and continue to maintain essential business operations until otherwise directed by a government entity. 

Following are some points of clarification for students, staff and faculty:


Students, regardless of the county in which they reside, will continue to have (restricted) access to campus facilities pursuant to the Campus Health Alert posted to the College website on March 26, 2020. 

Note this does not include students who are under self-quarantine as a result of having traveled to a hot spot such as Washington, California, New York and Massachusetts; any foreign country; or who were recently on a cruise.


Staff deemed by their supervisor as needing to work completely (or partially) on campus to fulfill their duties will be issued Work Authorization Letters signed by the College President.  In the event that you are stopped by law enforcement, this letter will serve as documentation that you are an essential employee.

When traveling to and from the College, please have your college ID and this letter in your possession.


Faculty will receive Work Authorization Letters upon request only, as the majority of faculty are now teleworking.  Requests should go through your dean.

As expressed previously, thank you all for your diligence and flexibility as we continue to work through this unprecedented situation.