Glyptodon Remote ACCess FAQ

Glyptodon Remote ACCess is for faculty and staff only with a need to access work related computers and systems from outside the Alamance Community College Campus.

In general, for ACC to provide remote access, please have your supervisor open a ticket at, with your name, and computer name (typically on a yellow label / sticker of a desktop system within your office); as we will need their consent in order to provide this service.

  • In order to provide Remote ACCess we will need the computer name you wish to log into within Alamance Community College, in most circumstances this will be the desktop system within your office.

The computer name is typically on a yellow label (sticker) somewhere on or near the front of the computer within your office

  • There is typically at least a 24 hour turnaround between when the Glyptodon Remote ACCess request is received and when this service is provided, depending on how many requests received; and where this request is within the queue.

Answers to Common Issues:


Remote Access is a term used to describe a method of connecting to your work computer from another location via the internet.  You use your web browser of choice, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. to perform this task.

Glyptodon is the name of the program ACC has currently chosen to provide this service.  Information Services provides you with a link to our installation of Glyptodon, and you use your web browser to visit the link and begin logging in.


When you log in to Glyptodon for Remote Access, you are literally accessing your work computer.  First, you log in to Glyptodon with a separate username and password (one which is specifically set up only to let you into Glyptodon).  Once that is accepted, you'll see your work computer's login screen.  You then log in as if you were sitting at your desk, using your ACC password, and your work computer desktop will appear.  (If you have issues logging in past the blue disclaimer screen, please see our topic "Can you get past the blue disclaimer screen..." below.)

When is this useful?  There are certain programs and file locations which are only accessible from an on-campus computer, or from your specific work computer.  Remote Access makes this possible through your personal computer and home internet connection.

Here are some examples:

  • You are off-campus but need to access the Intranet or the Public (P:) drive.  Your H: drive and L: drive can also be accessed this way.
  • You may have some work documents saved on your desktop, and you need to access them from home.
  • You may need to use a specific program (such as Colleague) which is not installed or accessible on your personal computer, but is installed on your work computer. 

Remember, you have a separate username and login JUST for Glyptodon.  Once you are in, you use your normal ACC password to log into your work computer, and then you can proceed as if you were sitting at your work desk.

If your internet connection is strong and stable enough, this should be somewhat seamless.  A little bit of a delay or lag is normal, but it should not affect your ability to perform necessary tasks on your work computer through remote access.

For some helpful tips for your home internet connection, see our  "Having trouble connecting to Glyptodon..." topic below.

  1. If you are remote, have you confirmed that you are close to your (or a) Wifi router, have successfully logged in via WiFi, or have a secured cable connecting your computer to the internet (such as to your router or modem)?
  2. Can you connect to any other links / sites, such as ?
  3. If you cannot get to Google, or some other link also, there may be something wrong with your local internet connection; please contact your Internet service provider (such as Spectrum Time Warner / AT&T etc) for assistance
  4. Check your Internet speed at
    If it’s slower than what you are paying for, please contact your local Internet service provider (such as Spectrum Time Warner, AT&T etc) to have this reviewed.

  • Be Sure you are using your Glyptodon Remote ACCess Password to login, and not your ACC (Gmail / ACC Work Computer) password at the white Glyptodon Login Screen.
  • If you are past the blue “Disclaimer Screen”, you are at your computer, be sure you are using your ACC (Gmail / ACC Work Computer) password to access your computer past the disclaimer; please do not use your Glyptodon Remote ACCess password past the blue “Disclaimer Screen” as it will likely not work.
  • Remember there are 2 passwords required to log in remotely to your ACC computer. (The first gets you into Glyptodon and the second gets you into your computer).
  • If you are past the blue disclaimer screen, and you're using your gmail password, but cannot login, in try ACC\, like ACC\abc123 where abc123 is your typical gmail / computer username in your username field.

We have disabled remote access intentionally by default for security reasons; if you have a specific need for non-business hours access please contact us by opening a support ticket at

This can affect your remote login access, please open a support ticket with us at and please let us know of any changes you are aware of, thank you

If someone else is logged into your computer, your remote access will be denied until they log off.

  • This may be related to something called a “domain” issue, please try typing into the username area (the top white field) ACC\ before your username, like this: ACC\ssalexander494 (replacing ssalexander494 with your Gmail / Active Directory username)
  • Then type your normal Gmail / Active Directory password to login to your computer (please do not type your Glyptodon Remote ACCess password at this point, as stated above, it will likely not work)
  • If there continues to be issues with logging in, your Gmail / Active Directory password may need to be reset, to do this please go to and follow the instructions
  • If you continue to see issues after resetting your password, please let us know by opening a support ticket with us at

  1. First log out of Windows the normal way (right click the windows button, click on "Shut down or sign out" on the menu, then "Sign Out" -- do not shut down your PC or you won't be able to login to it later, as the computer will be off),
  2. Then press:  Ctrl+Alt+Shift
    A side panel will appear on the left, in the upper right part of this left side window is your username, this is a menu, click on it and then click "disconnect"

  • When videoconferencing with Zoom, Google Meet, or any other app, please do this from your local home PC (or Mac, Phone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel or etc), not from your remote work PC (what you are connected to, after logging in to Glyptodon, within your browser), as it will give you the best experience. 
  • Please do not shutdown your remote work PC when you are finished remoting into it (your work PC is what you are connected to, after logging into Glyptodon; it is what you are seeing within your browser), as you will not be able to remote back into it, if the computer is off. Preferably, please only "sign out" and or follow the instructions in "How to Disconnect from Glyptodon..." above
  • If you cannot remote into your work computer via Glyptodon, the most common cause is that your work PC is either off, installing updates, or is in a state called "hibernation", the remedy is to startup (aka "boot") your work computer, and or possibly reboot it.