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Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)

Want to become more employable?

Want to be ready for today’s job market?

ACC can help.

Two Men TalkingACC is a testing site for the CRC, which consists of three tests:

  ♦   applied mathematics   

  ♦   reading for information   

  ♦   locating information


Increasingly, public agencies and private businesses are using the CRC to make employee hiring and promotion decisions. Your test score determines if you earn a CRC Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze. The cost for CRC testing is $36.

ACC also offers CRC test prep classes, using an online tutorial called KeyTrain. These KeyTrain classes are highly recommended to help people do better on the tests, and they are free to those who financially qualify.

The CRC is owned by ACT, the same company that created the ACT standardized test for college admissions.

To learn more, call Duncan Shaw at 336-506-4200