Types of Grants and Payment Breakdowns

The amount awarded on your award letter is for attendance in 12 credit hours of classes. It will be adjusted as indicated below based on the actual credit hours for which you enroll.


Example: Award $2000.00
*1-5 hours = ¼ of the award
1-5 hours = $500.00

6-8 hours = ½ of the award
6-8 hours = $1,000.00

9-11 hours = ¾ of the award
9-11 hours = $1,500.00

12+ hours = full award
12+ hours = $2,000.00

*Some students enrolled less than 12 credit hours may be ineligible for Pell Grant.

See the full 2019-2020 Pell payment breakdown here.

See the full 2020-2021 Pell payment breakdown here.

There are lifetime limits for this grant.  For lifetime limit information, please click here.


Reminder, Summer Pell is back! Starting summer 2018 Pell grant rules allow students to receive additional Pell Grant funds and accelerate their academic careers to finish their program of study sooner. A student may qualify by enrolling in a minimum of 6 credit hours in his/her major for the summer session. If there is not 6 hours in the students major, please refer him/her to the ACC Foundation application. Students do need to enroll in 12 hours to be considered full time for Pell purposes. Please guide students on appropriate course load in summer. Attached is the notification given to students. You may click HERE for our Summer Pell Policy.


(Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant)

You must be enrolled in a minimum of 1 credit hours to receive this grant. Your payment will not be adjusted.


(North Carolina Community College Grant)

You must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours.
6-14 hours = part of the award
15+ hours = full award
Some Estimated Family Contribution get NO award for less than 15 hours.  Please refer to this chart.
No award in summer.

There are lifetime limits for this grant.  For more information, please click HERE. As of July 16, 2018 all funds for the NCCCG grant for the 2018-2019 academic year have been awarded.  If you applied by the priority deadline and did not receive any funds from the NCCCG, it is unlikely you will be awarded.  In the event more funds become available, an award could be made at a later date.


(North Carolina Education Lottery Grant)

You must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours.
6-11 hours = ½ award
12+ hours = full award
No award in summer.

There are lifetime limits for this grant.  For more information, please click HERE.


For more detailed information about the Child Care Grant Program, please click HERE.


Alamance Community College receives a very limited amount of funds from the State of North Carolina.  The rules of eligibility are determined by the State Board.  Typically Alamance Community College holds these funds to assist students with summer classes, since in most cases other grants are not available.

For the Less Than Half Time grant, students must be attending less than 6 hours, and have an EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) between 801 and 4000.  The maximum award is $30.00 per credit hour for a total of $150.00

For the Targeted Assistance Grant, students must be in a High Demand / Low Enrollment program.

The above stated grants will only be issued to students that qualify and have no other assistance to cover their direct tuition costs.  If a student receives funding at a later date, and they do not have an outstanding tuition balance, the funds may be adjusted.  Students are awarded by the Financial Aid office as needs are identified.  Students may request that their award be considered and priority goes to students that are currently enrolled.  For more information about these grants please click here.