Outside Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships that are offered through other institutions, companies and foundations are
considered outside scholarships. The Financial Aid office offers a workshop twice a year to
help students apply for outside scholarships. If you have been awarded an outside
scholarship, please contact the Scholarship Coordinator at 336-506-4340 so we may post it
to your account. See information on how to process your outside


Outside Scholarships List

Dayne Yeager Scholarship for Student Entrepreneurs

Walter Morales Grant For Future Educators

Seals American Casting & Manufacturing Scholarship

Point Foundation: The LGBTQ Scholarship Fund

Women of Strength/Vivian Moore Enoch Jeffries Scholarship

Dr. Philip Baldeo Scholarship for Future Medical Doctors

The Law Office of Jerry D. Andrews, P.C. Community Impact Scholarship

Boster Antibody and Elisa Experts Bio Scholarships

The Burlington Chapter of P.E.O. International Program for Continuing Education

Clark Law Group Scholarship

The Crowder Law Firm Scholarship

UberClone Scholarship for Graphic Web Design Scholarship

Barry Epling Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs

Dominion Energy Educational Equity Scholarship Program

Rustic Pathways Scholarship

The Beacon Scholarship for Rural America

KlenkLaw Community Leadership Scholarship

Rispoli-Borneo Community Leadership Scholarship

Excellence while Helping Others Scholarship

Rise Marketing Scholarship

Sidepost-Women in Trades Scholarship

Samuel M Taylor Memorial Life Sciences Scholarship

Dr. Samuel Bride 2022-2023 Scholarship For Future Doctors

The Empaxis Scholarship For Women in Business

Dwellsy Scholarship

BosterBio Scholarship

2023 Behan Law Group Military Veteran  Scholarship

Addictions.com Fall 2022 Scholarship Contest

Robert Stravinsky Scholarship for Healthcare Students

Rehabs.Org Scholarship for Minorities

Marty Nothstein Scholarhip

Dr. Brian Blick Grant

Disability Scholarships