2022-2023 School Year

(Fall 2022, Spring 2023 and Summer 2023)

Please watch this short instructional video before completing documents:

Verification, Documents, and Applications

Student Asset Information Sheet
Change of Student Information
FERPA Release Form
Request for Review of Student Record Form
Explicit Written Consent with Notary


Students must now submit all requested forms by logging into their Self Service account under My Documents and submitting documents using e-Forms.

You can directly access the following documents and request e-forms by clicking HERE:

Affidavit of Grade Level
Dependency Override
Electronic Consent Form
Financial Aid Contract
Household Size / Number in College
SNAP Verification
Special Circumstances
Tax Filer – Non Filer Income Verification
Unsatisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal


Parent Asset Information
Parent Household Size – Number in College Verification
Parent Tax Filers and Non Filers Verification
Parent Signature Page for Corrections to the FAFSA Application

Award Information and Important Policies:

Cosmetology 1st Year Students Pell Payments
Diploma Program Warning
Grant Disbursement Information
Leave of Absence Policy
Out of State Tuition Charges
Remedial Limit Notice
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
Title IV Disbursement Policy
Title IV Lifetime Limits
Title IV Recalculation Policy
Title IV Refund Policy
Title IV Repayment Policy
Verification Policy