The Fundamentals of Basketball Every Player Should Master

basketball player

Basketball is a game of consistency, endurance, and control. Look at all the best players out there and you’ll notice that they have a few fundamentals in common. If you’re thinking of getting started in the game of basketball, these are some key fundamentals you want to focus on first to ensure your overall growth as a player. 

The first fundamental you need to grasp is shooting. Shooting is where the points are made. There are various parts of shooting that you need to be paying close attention to. These include your shooting pocket, leg drive, follow through, and mentality. Shooting a basket requires more than just lobbing the ball and praying that it swishes through the net. Basketball requires much repetition of this fundamental movement in order for it to be ingrained in your mind for effortless shooting. The point is to be able to make any basket without having to think about how you’re shooting, rather, you should just be concerned with finding the opportunity to shot. When you practice your shooting regularly, it will come to you naturally during the bustle of the game. 

A key part of getting the ball down the court is done through passing. There are various types of passes that you should be focusing on getting down. These include the chest pass, bounce pass, defended pass, and off of the dribble pass. These are going to be movements that you use during each game on the court. You should focus your time making sure you get these passes down. You don’t want to unintentionally give the ball up to your defenders because you haven’t properly got your passing technique down.

The next fundamental you should work on getting down is your rebounding skills. Rebounds happen a lot in the game of basketball, both when your team is shooting and when your competitors are shooting. This means that you need to be able to properly recover the rebound and make a decision about what to do with the ball. There are a couple techniques which are used regularly with rebounds which are boxing out and offensive rebounding. One important thing to remember when it comes to rebounding is that the person with the quickest response to the ball is usually the one who comes back with it. So, don’t be afraid to put it all on the line to get the ball as quickly as possible. 

The last fundamental of basketball that you should consider learning to be a viable player is the art of dribbling. Dribbling requires a number of smaller factors that you must be aware of. These include changing your speeds, ball control, selling your moves, and ball protection. Dribbling is something that can make or break your performance as a basketball player. If you take a look at any team playing the March Madness games, you’ll see that they have mastered the art of dribbling. If you haven’t done so already, you should grab your printable NCAA bracket now. 

Basketball is a sport that requires specific skills in certain areas, just like any other sport out there. All the above are the basic fundamentals you want to focus on. Don’t try to overwhelm yourself with complex plays until you get these fundamentals down as they will make you or break you as a player. This is a contact sport and things can happen in a minute, if you need legal help checkout personal injury lawyers for more information.

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