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ACC EFL Curriculum Program


EFL – English for Speakers of Other Languages

Alamance Community College offers Academic English as Foreign Language courses. Whether you are interested in focusing on improving your English or preparing for further education at ACC, the EFL program will help students achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals.

Note:  EFL courses are no longer offered to F-1 students as a part of the program of study listed on the I-20.  F-1 applicants must show English proficiency before being admitted as an F-1 visa international student.  Please refer to the ACC F-1 international admissions webpage for more information on the F-1 admission requirements.

EFL is a curriculum designed to help non-native English speakers or multilingual students raised in the U.S. These courses are designed to develop proficiency in the reading and writing skills and strategies needed to be successful in the college classroom or in a professional setting. The ACC EFL curriculum will help students improve their English proficiency and experience success in a college program of study.

EFL courses are the alternate track for multilingual students instead of DRE courses. Multilingual students who do not speak U.S. English as their first language at home or students who have not graduated from a U.S. high school should enroll in EFL courses rather than in DRE courses.

Placement testing is required to determine the appropriate course for each student.  Students who successfully complete EFL courses will receive non-course credit for DRE courses that are prerequisites for many curriculum courses.

Contact Clara Vega at 336.506.4230 for more information.


How do these classes differ from ESL classes?

EFL courses are for credit and are tuition-based classes run as regular college curriculum courses every academic semester. Students interested in EFL courses must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

ESL courses are non-credit and tuition-free classes with open enrollment throughout the year. These courses are designed for beginning English speakers through the advanced level. The focus is on reading, writing, speaking, and listening, including content about U.S. history and citizenship preparation. ESL classes include computer literacy skills and are designed to help students obtain a strong foundation in English that will enable them to pursue a career and/or further education in English. Students who have completed ESL courses are great candidates for EFL courses. For more information on ESL courses, please visit the ESL website by clicking here.

Who should take the EFL Courses?

Multilingual Student Placement Test

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