Workforce Development / Continuing Education


Workforce Development / Continuing Education

Workforce Development/Continuing Education courses are very different from curriculum/degree courses. Continuing Education consists of short-term, non-credit, non-degree courses and programs to meet the needs of a diverse adult community. Continuing Education courses begin and end throughout each semester, and a large number of courses begin mid-semester.

Someone might take a Workforce Development/Continuing Education course to:

  • finish high school
  • acquire or improve specific job skills
  • learn how to use a computer, palm pilot, or digital camera
  • complete course work for professional certification
  • learn Spanish or learn English
  • become a notary public, a firefighter, an EMT, or a paramedic
  • learn how to paint, sew, decorate a cake or a room, upholster, or dance

Courses are developed at the request of the general public, local industry, or community organizations. They tend to be of short duration, from one day workshops to ten weeks or longer. All of the courses are designed to offer convenience and quality instruction at a reasonable cost.

Courses are offered on the main (Graham) campus, at the Dillingham Center (1304 Plaza Drive in Burlington), and at approximately 30 churches, businesses, and other locations throughout Alamance County. More than 250 courses are available online via the Internet. A complete list of public locations where classes are offered appears in the course schedule.

Courses and programs in Continuing Education include Business and Industry Services, Personal Interest, Academic & Career Readiness (GED, AHS, ABE, ESL, CED), Occupational (job-related training, professional certification, computers), online courses, and the Small Business Center.

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