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Cosmetology Certificate Program

This multi-semester / multi-part comprehensive training provides instruction and clinical practice in scientific / artistic principles and hands-on fundamentals of the cosmetology industry. This training is provided in a simulated salon environment, which enables students to develop manipulative skills. Coursework includes instruction in all phases of professional imaging, hair design, chemical process­es, skin and nail care, multi-cultural practices, business / computer principles, product knowledge, etc. Graduates should qualify to sit for the State Board of Cosmetic Arts examination, and upon successfully passing this exam, graduates will be issued a license. Call 336-506-4318 or 336-506-4200 for more information. Instructor: Chris Norman

Location: DC  Hours:  Fee: $200.50*
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 * Additional expenses: books, a kit, approved uniform & shoes. 

NEW! Cosmetology Instructor Training                

This course provides cosmetology instructional concepts, supervisory and instructional skills for teaching entry-level to advanced cosmetology students in a classroom and laboratory setting. Topics include orientation, theories of education, daily lesson planning, unit planning, lecture techniques, development and administration of assessment tools, laboratory management, student assessment, record keeping, demonstration of services, supervision, and other related topics. Upon completion, students should be able to identify theories of education, develop lesson plans, demonstrate supervisory techniques, assess student performance in a classroom setting, demonstrate salon services, instruct and objectively assess the student, and demonstrate competence in the areas covered by the Instructor Licensing Examination. 

Location: DC  Hours: 300 Fee: $200.50*
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Nail Technician Certificate Program

Comprehensive manicurist training provides instruction and clinical practice in a simulated salon. Graduates may sit for State Board examinations.  The class includes 4 hours each week of online instruction on Fridays, and the rest is in person. Call 336-506-4200 or 336-506-4318 for more information. Instructor: Stephanie Shelton

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Location: DC Hours: 300 Fee: $204*
8/15/23-12/16/23 T/Th- 5:30p-9:30p
Saturday- 9a-1p
Online component 

* Book, Kit (1st day of class), Scrubs (gray), Closed toe shoes


NEW!  Natural Hair Care Specialist

This course provides instruction and clinical practice in natural hair care. The course content includes sanitation, bacteriology, disinfection, first aid, and shampooing, draping, anatomy, disorders of the hair and scalp, and client consultation. Advanced students apply the following natural hair care techniques: twisting, wrapping, extending, locking, blow-dry, and thermal iron. Natural hair care students must complete the required hours in an approved program before applying to the State Board of Cosmetic Arts for examination.

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Location: DC  Hours: 320 Fee: $204*



*Textbook, Kit, Uniform: Information will be provided when registration is complete.