Spanish Interpreter Program

This program prepares students to work as paraprofessional Spanish interpreters, facilitating oral communication between people in various community settings such as hospitals, schools and service agencies. Call 336-506-4200 for more information.

Prerequisites (Track 1): 

Curriculum courses DRE 096, DRE 097 and DRE 098 may be required based on placement test scores.

Required Courses (Track 1)

  • Writing and Inquiry (curriculum course ENG 111)
  • Oral Communication (curriculum course ENG 115)
  • Professional Research/Reporting (curriculum course ENG 114)

Prerequisite (Track 2):

Showing proficiency at the Intermediate Spanish II level as determined by testing or successful completion of the curriculum course SPA 212.

Required courses (Track 2):

  • Spanish Reading & Composition (curriculum course SPA 231)
  • Spanish Conversation (curriculum course SPA 221)
  • Spanish Grammar Review (Workforce Development course)

Required courses for both Tracks:

  • Introduction to Spanish Interpreting
  • Analytical Skills in Spanish Interpreting
  • Introduction to Spanish Translation

Intro to Spanish Interpretation & Analytical Skills

This combines two of the required courses above into one long course, to provide a cost-savings to the student. Call 336-506-4200 for more information. Instructor: Carmen Carreno        

Location: ACC Hours: 63 Fee: $183  
71570    4/21-6/9 and 8/2-8/23 MW   5:30-8:30 pm. PAY BY 5/12 Register Now_Spanish Interpreter Program

*will not meet on 5/31, will not meet 6/14-7/29