BioWork Process Technician

The BioWork certificate program will teach you the foundational skills you need to begin a career as a process technician for a biotechnology, pharmaceutical, or chemical manufacturing company. Process technicians are responsible for the production of chemical and pharmaceutical products. Successful completion of the course will allow students to enter the Biotechnology or Agricultural Biotechnology curriculum programs with credit for BTC-181, Basic Laboratory Techniques. Call 336-506-4200 or 336-506-4318 for more information. Instructor: Eddy van Hunnik.

  • Students must have High School diploma or GED
  • Students must pass the course with an 80% on all exams to be eligible for the process technician certification exam.


    One of the benefits of our program is that you may qualify for full reimbursement of fees paid. The contingency is successful completion of the Biowork course. You will pay online and register. Once you have completed your course, your instructor will inform our Workforce Department Head to begin the process for reimbursement. 

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Location: Hybrid/  ACC Hours: 136  Fee: $186*
 8/14/23- 10/9/23*
10/16/23- 12/16/23*
MW   5:30-9:30 pm  
* 64 hours in person on MW, 72 hours online can be taken anytime between beginning and ending dates of the course

* additional costs: $75 testing fee, estimated book cost $100
Registration is not complete until payment is received.