ACC offers a variety of classes to train students for careers in Healthcare.  Please select from the categories below for current offerings.

BioWork Process Technician

The BioWork certificate program will teach you the foundational skills you need to begin a career as a process technician for a biotechnology, pharmaceutical, or chemical manufacturing company. Process technicians are responsible for the production of chemical and pharmaceutical products. Successful completion of the course will allow students to enter the Biotechnology or Agricultural Biotechnology curriculum programs with credit for BTC-181, Basic Laboratory Techniques. Call 336-506-4200 or 336-506-4318 for more information. Instructor: Eddy van Hunnik.

  • Students must have High School diploma or GED
  • Students must pass the course with an 80% on all exams to be eligible for the process technician certification exam.


    One of the benefits of our program is that you may qualify for full reimbursement of fees paid. The contingency is successful completion of the Biowork course. You will pay online and register. Once you have completed your course, your instructor will inform our Workforce Department Head to begin the process for reimbursement. 

    Please click here for more information about BioWork.
Location: Hybrid/  ACC Hours: 136  Fee: $186*
 8/14/23- 10/9/23*
10/16/23- 12/16/23*
MW   5:30-9:30 pm  
* 64 hours in person on MW, 72 hours online can be taken anytime between beginning and ending dates of the course

* additional costs: $75 testing fee, estimated book cost $100
Registration is not complete until payment is received.



Requirements for Admission

1 Participation:  Ability to fully participate in classroom, laboratory, and clinical setting program activities.
2 Complete and submit required Admission Criteria: Complete and submit required proof of licensure or certification based on your specific State Dental Practice Act.  Applicants must meet one of the following:

  • Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH)
  • Dental Assistant II (DAII) and/ or Certified Dental Assistant (CDA)
  • Be a graduate of a ADA CODA accredited dental assisting program 


  • Have a minimum of two years (3,000 hours) work experience as a chairside dental assistant.  Employment must be verified by a dentist (*this applies to NC DA applicants).
3 For Dental Assistants only: applicants to the CDHC program at Alamance Community College must demonstrate clinical competencies before applying to the program and the candidates must be in compliance with the dental practice act in their respective state. The skill sets are:

  • Ability to take radiographs
  • Ability to place sealants and fluoride
  • Ability to perform coronal polishing

Documentation must be provided that the student possesses the skills above.  Submit copies of course descriptions along with official transcripts, certificates from an approved educational provider, or State certificates/licensures demonstrating that the above competencies have been met.  (Note: If you do not have proof that you have met these competencies, you cannot be admitted to the program).

4 CPR card: Applicant must provide a copy of a current CPR card for Basic Life Support. The course must include the coursework and a hands-on skills component.
5 Supervisory Provider:  Identify a dentist or coordinating provider in the community who agrees to work with you in a supervisory capacity throughout the CDHC program, providing guidance for the final project implementation during the Internship course.
6 Immunizations: Applicants who are accepted and enroll in the Community Dental Health Coordinator (CDHC) program may be exposed to Bloodborne and infectious diseases. Be advised that depending on the site selected for internship hours, you may be required to have current proof of immunizations for that site, and as such, be prepared well in advance.  Immunizations are not required to be enrolled in the CDHC program.
7 Additional Program Information:  Please click here for

 information about the course modules and schedule.

Please review the CDHC Checklist before registering to ensure you have all necessary items to complete the registration process. 

  • Students must be a Registered Dental Hygienist or a Dental Assistant II. 

  • Applicants are required to provide documentation of licensure or certification according to their state’s dental practice act.

Community Dental Health Coordination oversight and regulations vary by state.  It is the student’s responsibility to verify individual state requirements to practice as a CDHC.  Please visit the American Dental Association CDHC website for more information.

Participants can choose to complete their internship at a community dental health clinic or at their current place of employment.

Financial assistance may be available from the American Dental Association.  
The ADA Foundation is starting a pilot scholarship award program for Community Dental Health Coordinator students. In piloting this new scholarship program, the ADAF has funding to offer six $250 scholarships to CDHC applicants accepted into the ACC program.  
In order to be eligible for the ADAF CDHC Scholarships applicants must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen;
  • At the time of application, be accepted or enrolled full time as a CDHC student at Alamance Community College (NC);
  • Demonstrate financial need.
The ADA Foundation uses an online application system. Students will need to complete a log in and set up a password first and then they will have access to the application.  To apply, interested students should click here.  

Community Dental Health Coordinator (Online)

The Community Dental Health Coordinator (CDHC) is a new member of the dental team who fills an important role whether working with a health center or private practice. The CDHC can perform clinical preventive services and community-based outreach duties. The CDHC program provides Dental Assistants II, CDAs, or Registered Dental Hygienists an opportunity to expand their skills with a practical and theoretical basis for assisting in the reduction of disparities in dental health. Course modules are online and will cover dental health advocacy, intercultural communication, interviewing skills for the dental advocate, in addition to legal and ethical issues and finance. The student will also participate in an internship in a clinical setting. 

Course modules are online and will cover dental health advocacy, intercultural communication, interviewing skills for the dental advocate, in addition to legal and ethical issues and finance.  The student will also participate in an internship in a clinical setting.  

Location: ONLINE  Hours: 166  Class
            120  Internship
Fee:  $183
Section # Dates
82946 Class: 9/11/23 - 4/07/24

Internship:4/15/23 - 7/14/24


EKG Technician 

Pre-requisite:  High School diploma or GED

This course is designed and approved to prepare the student to become a certified EKG (ECG) Technician / Monitor. The course will cover the anatomy and physiology of the heart, principles of EKG, dysrhythmia recognition of sinus, junctional / atrial rhythms, heart blocks, and bundle branches and ventricular ectopy rhythms. Skills will include operating EKG equipment, running and mounting strips, reading and interpreting 22 types of cardiac lead tracings produced from 12 and 5 lead monitors, and understanding the basics of capnography as it relates to heart function. Call 336-506-4200 or 336-506-4318 or for more information. Instructor: Cyndi Caviness


* There will be F2F labs held on four Saturdays  10 am-2 pm
This is an online class, with the exception of labs. Must be proficient with a computer, and have experience using an E-Book.
Location: online Hours: 128 
Fee: $221** +e-book
8/14/23-12/16/23 M-SU 0000-2400 Register Now_EKG Technician

**Registration amount includes CPR certification ($186 without CPR)  **Additional expenses not included: book, approximately $100

Medical Coding and Billing

Pre-requisites:  High School diploma or GED

This course is designed to develop coding skills. Emphasis is placed on diagnostic and procedural coding in the outpatient facility. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate proficiency in coding for reimbursement. To take this course, students must be proficient with uploading files online, downloading files to a computer, and able to utilize an E-Book with an access code.  Call 336-506-4200 or 336-506-4318 for more information. Instructor: Cyndi Caviness 

Location: online Hours: 152 Fee: $183*
8/14/23-12/15/23 M-SU    0000-2400

*Additional expenses not included above: e-book & coding manuals


Department:  Continuing Education

  • Kimberly Porter, RDH, BSDH, MDH
  • Cheryl Hayes, RDH, BS, Med, CDA, CLC

Course Information

Continuing Education Credit Hours: 2

  • Certification in the State of North Carolina to Administer Local Anesthesia
  • Current CPR training


Dental hygienists who administer local anesthetics must maintain current CPR training and annually complete two hours of approved continuing education which shall include a review of local anesthetic technique, contraindications, systemic complications, medical emergencies related to local anesthesia, and a general overview of dental office emergencies. These hours may be among those chosen to satisfy the hours of continuing education otherwise required of licensed dental hygienists in this Article.  (2021-95, s. 2(d).)

This course is designed to meet the requirements set forth by the NC Board of Dental Examiners for hygienist who administers local anesthetic.

Course Objectives:

After the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Describe the technique used to administer local anesthetic in all parts of the mouth.
  2. Explain the contraindications for the use of local anesthetic
  3. Understand the systemic complications that may occur with the use of local anesthetic
  4. Prepare for a medical emergency that may occur related to the use of local anesthesia
  5. Identify the most common dental office medical emergencies that occur and how to prevent them

Meeting time: 2 hours

Location: Alamance Community College

Course Outline:

Subject Time Resources
Review of Local Anesthetic Technique 20 mins Mx Injections
Md Injections
Troubleshooting LA techniques
Contraindications 10 mins Allergies
Respiratory Disease
Epinephrine Overdose
Systemic Complications 15 mins Respiratory Disease: COPD
Drugs & Alcohol
Endocrine Disorders: Diabetes, Thyroid
Medical Emergencies related to local anesthesia 20 mins Syncope
Allergic Reaction
Respiratory Reaction
Skin Reaction
General Overview of dental office emergencies 20 mins Common Dental Office Emergencies
Medical Emergency Plan
Medical Cart Contents
Review of medical emergency equipment

  • Blood Pressure Technique
  • Glucometer Usage
  • Oxygen Tank
  • Epi Pen
  • AED

Round Robin

20 mins Actual Demonstrations
Final Assessment 15 mins  

Medication Aide for Long Term Care (24 Hours)

HS diploma or high school equivalency
• Be 18 years of age
Current listing with the NC  Division of Health Service Regulation as a Nurse Aide I (with no substantial findings of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of property)
• Have a SS Card (name must match a government-issued photo ID)
• Have a government-issued photo ID (name must match SS Card).

This 24 hour, NC Board of Nursing (NCBON) approved Medication Aide class is designed to prepare non-licensed personnel with the skills required by the NCBON to practice as a Medication Aide in long-term care/skilled nursing facilities within the state of North Carolina only. This course involves class and lab practice. The course content covers the six rights of medication administration, accuracy, infection control, patient's rights and scope of practice. Upon successful completion, students are eligible to take the N.C. State Board Medication Aide Exam for skilled nursing homes (which is an additional cost and done on your own through Credentia).   Call 336-506-4200 or 336-506-4318 for more information.  Instructor: Shawnya Toole, RN

  • This is a 24-hour class and students MUST attend all 24 hours of the class to receive completion credit.
  • This is not the same as the Med Aide for Assisted Living Centers and Rest Homes.  See the 15 Hour course for more information on that course.
Location: ACC Hours: 24 Fee: $76
   10/17/23-12/5/23 T  5:30-8:40 pm

Mental Health (Psychiatric) Technician

This course is designed to prepare individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to provide safe, therapeutic patient care to individuals who have mental health/behavioral needs in an effective and ethical manner. Coursework includes lectures, clinical instruction, isolated clinical experiences, module assignments, module tests, and class projects, delivered through a variety of learning modalities. Successful completion of this instruction will prepare students for Level I American Association of Psychiatric Technicians (AAPT) certification exam and entry level positions for Psychiatric Aides, Mental Healthcare Technicians and Healthcare Techs/Nurse Aides whose primary patient population has special mental health/behavioral needs. The first three class meetings will consist of Mental Health First Aid (5/1, 5/3, 5/8) and the last class meeting will be the AAPT (American Association of Psychiatric Technicians) certifying exam. Call 336-506-4200 or 336-506-4318 for more information.

Location: DC Hours: 112 Fee: $186*
82407   5/1/23-8/7/23 MW  5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Online- 0000-2400

*Additional Fees


Nurse Aide I

The Nurse Aide curriculum prepares individuals to work under the supervision of licensed health care professionals in performing nursing care and services for persons of all ages.  Course work emphasizes growth and development throughout the life span, personal care, vital signs, communication, nutrition, medical asepsis, therapeutic activities, accident and fire safety, household environment and equipment management; family resources and services; and employment skills.

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to demonstrate knowledge and safe performance of skills necessary to be eligible for listing on the NC Nurse Aide I Registry.

Call 336-506-4200 or 336-506-4253 for more information.

    • Must bring valid picture ID and social security card on the first day of class. Names must match

*This course has several additional costs that are not included with the registration fee.  Please see the breakdown below.  

**Nurse Aide I - Additional Costs


Hours: 160

Registration Fee: $202**

ACC Main Campus 10/16-11/29/23 classroom and lab M-TH   8-1:40 pm Register Now_Nurse Aide
11/30-12/13/23 M-TH   8-2:40 pm

Please email registration forms to:

Nurse Aide Refresher 

  • Must have a Nurse Aide I certification that has not expired for longer than five (5) years.
  • Nurse Aide I from another state must have proof of certification and cannot be expired more than 5 years.
  • Must have proof of successfully completing and passed a state-approved Nurse Aide I course within the last three (3) years.
  • Must have proof of Military medical/corpsman training
  • Must bring picture ID and social security card on first day

This course is appropriate if your N.C. nurse aide credential has expired and you wish to renew it, OR, if you have a current or expired out-of-state credential and wish to be credentialed in North Carolina.

Call 336-506-4253 for more information including prerequisites.

Location:  ACC
Hours:  40 Fee:  $131
     09/26/23 - 10/12/23 TTHF    8 am- 1:30 pm


This class will train current dental assistant students and graduates interested in learning skills for orthodontic assisting. Participants will do an online didactic portion before doing the hands-on lab portion. They will be led through the lab training by orthodontists. Please call Duncan Shaw at 336-506-4200 or email for more information.

Pharmacy Technician

  • HS Diploma or equivalent

    * The TABE Math Test and Medical Math class prerequisite has been waived for the Summer semester.

Opportunities are growing in the dynamic pharmacy technician field. This course is open to anyone and will help prepare those interested in the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) examination. Call 336-506-4200 or 336-506-4318 for more information.  Instructor:  Tiffany Fuller

Registration is not complete until payment has been received.
Location:  DC Hours:  96 Fee:  $186
     9/5/23-12/13/23 T    6-9 pm Register Now_Pharmacy Technician

NEW! Medical Math Class

  • Prerequisite for Pharmacy Technician

  • Requirement for Pharmacy Technician: Math TABE score of 627 or above on a D or A level.

Medical math class that supports math and medical terminology needed in medical pathways. 

  • Must have computer and internet access.
  • Please contact: Doreen Tuck 336-506-4036 or to schedule assessment.

Location:  Hybrid   Fee:  FREE

No Spring Classes scheduled


** Before registering, must have completed:
• High School Diploma / Equivalency
• TABE Reading test score of at least 10th grade – for test appointment.
Costs Paid at Registration
(Registration is first come-first serve and determined by paying these costs):
1. Registration $ 188
2. Criminal Background Check $ 45.00
(If lived out-of-state past 7 years an additional fee will be required after background check has been completed)
3. Drug Screening $ 35.00
4. CPR $ 35.00 (If already have, must be valid thru 2/15/23)
5. Malpractice Insurance $ 16.00
$ 319 Total
Additional Costs
1. Textbook $ 115.00 (Will be ordered during mandatory orientation session)
2. Uniform $ 100.00 (available thru vendor in class)
3. TB Skin Test $ 20.00 (estimate; on your own)
Location: ACC Hours: 128 Hours
* Requires an additional 100 hours of clinical time (probably daytime hours)


Prerequisites:  1) High School diploma or equivalent, 2) age 18 or greater, 3) Pass TABE Reading test at 10th grade or higher PRIOR to registration 

Opportunities are growing for trained phlebotomists. This course provides theory and clinical experiences needed for the proper collection of blood and other specimens used for diagnostic testing. Emphasis is placed on ethics, legalities, medical terminology, safety and universal precautions, health care delivery systems, patient relations, anatomy and physiology, and specimen collection. Call 336-506-4200 or 336-506-4318 for more information.  Instructor:  Miasha Torain


This is an online class, with the exception of labs and clinicals. Must be proficient with a computer, and have experience using an E-Book.

Location: ACC Hours: 228   Fee: $319** ($284 without CPR)
83619   8/14/23 - 2/15/23 M-SU-0000-2400;
MW- 6p-8p

In-person labs will be held on Monday and Wednesday , 6 p.m. - 8 p.m- Dates not pre-determined 
*Clinical Dates: 90 Clinical hours will be scheduled during summer term (estimated end date 2/15/23).    Probably daytime hours 

 **Registration amount includes fees for drug screening, criminal background check, malpractice insurance & CPR certification. 

**Additional expenses not included above: e-book, program-approved uniform & TB skin test.

Phlebotomy Requires an additional 100 hours of clinical time (probably daytime hours).

  • Estimated clinical end date is 7/1/23.

  • Students that do not complete clinical hours by the end date will be required to take the entire class again and will need to reregister and repay all the fees.