Telecommunicator Certification Course

ACC is approved by the N.C. Criminal Justice Commission and the N.C. Sheriff’s Standards to deliver initial certification for Tele-communicators as well as in-service training for tele-communicators.

Telecommunicator Certification Course (TCC)

The TCC course is required by all persons employed as telecommunicators under the direct supervision of a sheriff’s office in NC.  Telecommunicators employed by other Emergency Service agencies can attend as well.  For more information, call 336-506-4324 or 336-290-0560.

This is mandatory training for all Telecommunicators Effective 7/1/2021.

Location: ACC    Hours: 47   
72364    5/16-5/21 M-F    8 am-5 pm* Register Now_Telecommunicator Certification Course

Telecommunicator In-Service Training

ACC offers Telecommunicator In-Service Training for telecommunicaotors.  For more information, call 336-506-4324 or 336-290-0560.