Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

This course will provide the foundation for the student to function as an Emergency Medical Technician in various out-of-hospital settings. The class consists of a combination of lectures, web-enhanced supplements, skills demonstration and practice, and simulated patient experiences. Successful completion requires 48 hours of clinical experience completed with an EMS agency, a final written exam, and a scenario-based practical exam. 

EMS-3200 – This section will be conducted fully online through Moodle, with the exception for CPR/CEVO where the student will need to attend only one day (5/6/2023 or 5/7/2023) from 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM.


Course Name

Course Dates

Meeting Days/Times

Registration Deadline



Spring 2024 


 EMT Academy (DAY)

EMS 3200 – 12/11/2023 – 01/07/2024

EMT (Day)  01/08/2024 – 05/01/2024

EMS 3200 – Online with one in person day scheuled in Jan 2024

EMT (Day) – M/W 0800-1700

EMS 3200 – 12/8/2023

EMT (Day) – 12/15/2023 

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EMT Accelerated 

EMS 3200 – 01/22/2024 – 02/12/2024

EMT (Accelerated) 01/22/2024 – 04/25/2024

EMS 3200 – will run as a corequisites to EMT Accelerated 

EMT (Accelerated) M/W 1800-2200 with occasional Saturdays 0900-1800 

EMS 3200 & EMT Accelerated 01/16/2024

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16 seats available per EMT section




Clinical Paperwork

Clinical paperwork is due in Castle Branch by TBD


Enrollment Process


Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be eligible to take the NC EMT exam with the NCOEMS to be credentialed as an EMT and/or be eligible to take the National Registry EMT exam to be credentialed as a NREMT Emergency Medical Technician. Call 336-506-4299 for more information.

Program graduates will receive the following certifications throughout the course:
NIMS 100 NIMS 200 NIMS 700 NIMS 800
Traffic Incident Management for Emergency Responders (TIMS)
AHA Healthcare Provider CPR


Course Costs

Required Material Cost  
Tuition $180 May be waived if active Fire/ EMS/ Rescue.           

Call 336-290-0514 to verify waiver.

Malpractice & Accidental Insurance $18  
Student Fees $3  
AHA CPR Card & Mask $15  
Platinum Planner Access Card $30 May be purchased 1st night
EMS Testing Access Card $49 May be purchased 1st night
CEVO 4: Emergency Driving Course $37 Non-Refundable
Castle Branch (Background Check, Drug Screen, Vaccination Records $97  


Emergency Care 14th Ed $193.25 Authors: Limmer & O’Keefe
Stethoscope $20  
Estimated Non-Fee Exempt Total ~$695  
Estimated Fee Exempt Total ~$510  


Apply for the SECU scholarship HERE!


*Students affiliated with a fire department or EMS agency are considered fee exempt. A letter of good standing from the chief of your department is required on the first night of class for fee exemption.