Detention Officer In-Service Training

ACC is approved by the N.C. Criminal Justice Commission and the N.C. Sheriff’s Standards to deliver initial certification for detention officers as well as in-service training for detention officers.

Detention Officer Certification Course (DOCC)

The DOCC course is required in order to become a certified detention officer in NC. Students must be Sponsored by a NC Sheriff’s Department to take this course. Please call your local Sheriff’s Department for employment opportunities.  For more information, call 336-506-4324 or 336-290-0560.

Any student needing accommodations must submit all required paperwork (both ACC’s and NC Sheriff’s Standards) to the School Director at least 3 weeks prior to the first day of class.
This class requires multiple forms.  Please complete the online registration form below AND return the completed application packet.
  1. Complete the online registration form:  Click on the Blue "Register Now" button below to access the online registration form.
  2. Print off and complete the DOCC application packet below.  Many pages require a Physician signature or Notary signature.  Return completed, signed forms in one packet to the address listed in the packet.
Location: ACC, 387 Hours: 174   
70970     3/1-3/31 M-F  8 am-5 pm* Register Now_Detention Officer Certification Course
70971     4/19-5/11 M-F  8 am-5 pm* Register Now_Detention Officer Certification Course

*Schedule may vary

Detention Officer In-Service Training

ACC offers many of the mandated and non-mandated courses for detention officers. For more information, call 336-506-4147 or 336-290-0560.