Biotechnology Center of Excellence

Imagine inter-connected, inter-disciplinary study programs that engage industry and university partners, building bridges to a brighter economic future for Alamance County.

We imagined that future.biotechnology students in lab

We saw synergies – and new possibilities.

Can you see what possibilities emerge when Biotechnology, Medical Laboratory Technology, Histotechnology, Mechatronics Engineering, Information Technology, Horticulture Technology, and Culinary Arts all come together?

How far off are new breakthroughs in bio-pharmaceuticals and virology? Exciting discoveries in diagnostic testing and bio-informatics? Bold advances in agri-science and food safety? And all of this enhanced by the promise of robotics and computer technology?

The Alamance Community College Biotechnology Center of Excellence will serve as a regional hub for innovative, industry-supported and technology-based workforce development and jobs in the rapidly expanding field of biotechnology that ultimately supports the economic vitality of Alamance County.

In leveraging a unique strength, the College will complement and support the teaching, learning and training mission of ACC, and will offer a unique composition of specialization within the institution.

Industry needs a highly-skilled workforce. Alamance Community College will deliver.

Center of Excellence Programs

Biotechnology – Discover the knowledge and skills needed to work with DNA sequencing, genetic engineering, cell cultures, and antibody production. Students gain extensive laboratory skills and are equipped to work in both industry and research settings.
Learn More about Biotechnology here.

Histotechnology –  Hospitals, for-profit laboratories, clinics,  and public health facilities all seek qualified histotechnologists. These positions are vital to the function of laboratories and the diagnosis of diseases or tissue abnormalities.
Learn More about Histotechnology here.

Medical Laboratory Technology – Prepare to work in laboratories in hospitals, physician offices, and clinics. A unique partnership with LabCorp provides a student laboratory in LabCorp’s Elon facility. Graduates are eligible to take certification exams given by the American Society of Pathology.
Learn More about Medical Laboratory Technology here.

Other Life Science Applications include:


Careers in life sciences programs can include work in academic research labs, medical testing labs, pharmaceuticals, biomedical device production, environmental testing, greenhouse operations, applied plant science, landscape design, food sciences, and food production.


Flexible Learning

Alamance Community College is committed to offering flexible learning options to fit a variety of schedules. Whether you are already working, have family commitments, or just graduated from high school, we have courses and schedules to fit your life, including:

  • Part-time and full-time options
  • On-campus, online, and hybrid classes
  • Daytime and evening classes
  • Degrees and certificates


Benefit from our Partnerships

Our partnerships with a variety of businesses and community organizations help students have access to meaningful work-based learning opportunities. These partnerships include:

Other partnerships with community organizations and educational institutions, listed in the sidebar, allow us to remain on the leading edge in curriculum development and access to valuable resources.


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