Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) strives to increase success in our students by providing professional, instructional and curricular development opportunities to faculty and staff.

We will achieve the mission by:

  • Providing professional development opportunities to staff and faculty that will allow them to contribute to the success of the students we serve
  • Providing expertise in instructional design and development 
  • Providing professional development opportunities to ensure equitable, active learning environments
  • Providing opportunities to develop and refine foundational professional, leadership and teaching skills
  • Providing a framework of trainings and experiences for newly hired staff and faculty, as well as adjunct faculty
  • Recognizing exemplary service and teaching
  • Integrating and using evidence-based, innovative pedagogy and relevant technology into teaching, learning and service to our students
  • Providing collaborative and mentoring programs for both new and experienced faculty and staff


  • Excellence and quality in all we do 
  • Collaboration between faculty and staff at ACC as well as the larger community
  • Innovation and creativity in teaching and serving students
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion

The Center for Teaching and Learning is led by an advisory board consisting of faculty and staff across the campus.  The current committee members include:

  • Jennifer Jones (Education Dept.) - Co-chair
  • Jennifer Jones (Distance Learning) - Co-chair
  • Dr. Lisa Johnson  - Vice President of Instruction
  • Regina Artis  - Student Success
  • Andre Davis -  TRIO Success Coach
  • Zak Mathews - FAC President
  • Debra McCusker - Computer Information Technology BAS Division
  • Feleta Morton – Veterans’ Affairs Coordinator
  • Sabrina Otero – Adult Basic Skills
  • Liz Riley - Horticulture Technology
  • Sherri Singer – Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Chris Swinton - Guided Pathways
  • Eric Teabo - Machining Technology
  • Sara Thynne – Learning Resource Center
  • Claudia Vestal - Humanities
  • Sarah Vetter - Public Information/ Marketing
  • Rose Webster – Advising