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As the majority of us are still working from home, Alamance Community College Student Life and Engagement Office wanted to make sure you “Stay In The Loop”.2021

The Loop is a monthly virtual Student Engagement Newsletter that will be sent each month to students via your ACC Email.  The Loop will provide informative updates to students that will include upcoming events, ACC Club & Organization announcements, and an overview of the monthly Student Government Association (SGA) Meetings.

We are excited to offer The Loop as a new student engagement tool to keep students informed and engaged with what’s happening in our campus community.

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ACC Students,

I reach out to each and every one of you with the hopes that you are safe, well, and settling into your classes.  The long awaited 2021 has finally arrived, and has brought with it an opportunity to see how much we have progressed.  We should be reminded that this is our chance to start anew, and work towards bettering ourselves, our community, and our perspectives.

haw the river otter ACC logoWhile we are not living in the most ideal times, and have had to compromise on many things, I hope this experience only manages to make you stronger.  Being a part of SGA during this time has certainly helped to make me stronger, and given me a chance to be there for my fellow students.  Also, finding new ways to engage everyone both virtually and in-person has been an honor.  I admire all of you who are having to manage things at home, at work, and in the classroom.  You are the essence of ACC Pride.

While I know how busy you are, I feel that it’s also necessary that you take a break and make the most of our fun events!  As we face the year ahead, I would like to provide you all with a small piece of wisdom that may be a light in dark times:

Kimera Naidoo

Kimera Naidoo

“There are three fundamental C’s in life; Choice, Chance and Change.  You must make the choice to take the chance if you ever want anything in life to change!”

When you choose to continue your studies at ACC in spite of the challenges you face, you have already taken the chance to make a positive change for both you and your loved ones.  I wish each of you the best of luck with your future endeavors, and I look forward to seeing you at our virtual SGA events!


Kimera Naidoo
Students Government Association President


Friday, February 9 @ 7pm Netflix Watch Party / Virtual / Link provided 20 minutes in advance

Netflix & Chill “Virtually” with friends with chat features!


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Monday, February 1 @ 2:30pm SGA General Board Meeting / Virtual  Link to follow in your ACCess Email
Friday, February 12 @ 12pm – 4pm Paint Party / Virtual REGISTRATION REQUIRED


ACC campus resources

take what you need, give what you can. the acc giving box is located between the main building and the literacy building