Student Government Association

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Upcoming events include virtual scavenger hunts, netflix watch party, free ice cream, and more


SGA seeks to create an atmosphere of free discussion and self-expression, as well as promote leadership and provide engaging opportunities for students.

Our mission is to serve as an advocate for our student population, and to provide social and educational experiences for our student body.  Our logo can be seen below:

SGA TableLogoJune2Ø12

The Student Government Association (SGA) welcomes your interest and support. The executive officers and senators are responsible for providing a democratic self-government for the entire student body. The SGA is composed of students who have been elected or appointed by their peers. Any student may submit in writing a bill, petition, or suggestion that he/she feels should be considered by the SGA.  Additionally, any time you see our logo, ACC students should know that event or program was planned for the students, and by the students.

SGA also provides activities for students throughout the year. These activities are both educational and social, and offer experiences beyond the classroom. The majority of the events are open to the entire student body. Some events are designed specifically for student clubs and organizations. To learn more about student activities at ACC, visit a regularly scheduled SGA meeting.