Reserve Haw

Haw the River Otter MascotAppearances

HAW may be available to appear at your next event. Please submit requests using the Mascot Request Form two weeks prior to your event.

Complete the Mascot Request Form

Throughout the semester we can be extremely busy and we may not be available to accept your request during these times (welcome weeks, scheduled academic breaks, and exam weeks). If the mascot is available, the following items are required:

  • A full time adult escort
  • A parking place close to the event
  • A private place (not a public restroom) to dress
  • A secure location for their clothes and personal items
  • Drinking water must available at all times
  • A reminder that plenty of water be made available following the appearance and during the 15-minute break. 

The mascot will appear for one hour. Additional time must be approved by the Coordinator of Student Activities before the event.

Event Confirmation Process

After you complete the form, we will review your request.  Confirmation emails will be sent every Monday,  letting you know whether or not we can fulfill your request. If mascots are available the email will include vital information regarding your request.  You will receive an email if mascot(s) are not available.

Cleaning and Damage Fees  

The Office of Student Life and Engagement will sanitize and clean the mascot costume before and after each use. To maintain the appearance and structure of the costume we ask that the mascot only be used on dry smooth surfaces. Any damages obtained during the reservation will be evaluated and billed to the department. 

For additional information please contact the Allison Dove, Coordinator of Student Activities at, or at 336-506-4339

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