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Asian Pop Culture Club

The purpose of the Asian Pop Culture Club shall be to promote awareness and appreciation of Japanese pop culture; to further the exchange of ideas, news, and creativity; and, to encourage the meeting of like-minded people with common interests. We aim to learn about Asian Culture with an emphasis on anime and manga art forms. [Learn More…]

Automotive Club

The Automotive club will promote an appreciation of automotive technology to fellow students and the campus community at large. The club will provide assistance to students, faculty, and staff members with their automotive needs while helping to advance our understanding and knowledge of automotive repair. [Learn More…]

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Beta Tau Chi

Biotechnology Club – (BTX) is the Greek service club of the Biotechnology curriculum. All students are welcome to join and there are no dues. Club activities, planned and organized by the members, include a wide variety of both biotech and non-biotech related events. Adopting a Christmas family, hosting guest speakers, and bringing science demonstrations to local elementary schools are just a few of the many shared social interactions between members and the local community. A major event each spring is a science field trip or activity such as a salt marsh ecology study held at one of the State of North Carolina coastal aquariums. [Learn More…]

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Christian Outreach

Christian Outreach organization provides opportunities for students on the campus to be successful in their spiritual life.  Christian Outreach shall be dedicated to seeing students develop into mature Christians who eventually graduate from ACC as men and women who love God and love others for a lifetime. [Learn More…]


The Cosmetology club expands on the training and understanding of the Cosmetology program. Students gain new knowledge and skills through periodic field trips, guest speakers, and attending local conventions. [Learn More…]

Criminal Justice Club

This organization is dedicated to promoting a more complete understanding of the criminal justice system and its concerns, investigating community action and volunteer programs, and stimulating both member and community participation. [Learn More…]

Culinary Team

This club promotes the culinary arts as an academic and career option. It sponsors culinary students who participate in culinary competitions. It also sponsors and teaches workshops for the food service industry. [Learn More…]

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Dental Assisting Club

This club promotes dental assisting as a career option and is dedicated to dental health for all people. It attempts to influence health care, foster awareness, and encourage participation in community affairs concerning dental health care. [Learn More…]

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Electric Vehicle Club

This club promotes the “Green Technology” as it applies to the automotive field. The club works to educate others about the alternative energy sources that are available in the transportation industry today. During the year, we as a club plan to convert a gas powered vehicle to an Electric Powered vehicle. [Learn More…]

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Environmental Steward Club

The purpose of the Environmental Stewards Club is to inform, engage, and educate the student body and public about being good stewards of our environmental resources. [Learn More…]

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Flora Club

Flora club is dedicated to the promotion of horticulture as an academic and career option. It strives to advance an appreciation of horticulture to fellow students and the community. The Horticulture Club aims to enhance the beauty of the college and raise the appreciation and protection of the natural environment of the area. [Learn More…]

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History Club

History Club is open to any ACC students who are interested in history. The club seeks to increase student knowledge of the historical facts through educational and recreational activities. During the year the club may sponsor field trips, service projects, speakers, and fundraisers. [Learn More…]

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International Friendship Club

The International Friendship Club seeks to help international students become acclimated to American culture, as well as, expose all ACC students to the world’s diverse cultures and languages. Through conversation and activities, we seek to bring ACC students together to create appreciation for world cultures. Through conversation, we hope to improve language skills for all students. [Learn More…]

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Math Club

The purpose of the mathematics club is to promote knowledge, understanding and appreciation of mathematics in a college environment. The mathematics club is open to all ACC students. During the academic year the mathematics club brings mathematicians to campus to give talks and holds other events designed to build an appreciation for mathematics and the mathematical sciences. [Learn More…]

Medical Assisting Club

The Medical Assisting Club is dedicated to promoting medical assisting as a profession through formal education, continuing education credentialing, and professional development. [Learn More…]

Men About Business

The Men About Business is a minority male mentoring program that strives to promote academic success and retention of minority males students. [Learn More…]

Music and Dance Club

The Music & Dance Club of Alamance Community College is open to all students interested in music and/or dance.  Each year the club tries to promote Music and Dance at ACC through activities such as music & dance collaborations /discussions, music & dance performances, and music & dance speakers/workshops.  We also work to support music & dance education and participate in philanthropic activities to benefit the college and/or the surrounding community. [Learn More…]

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National Society of Leadership and Success

The Society is an organization that helps people discover and achieve their goals. The Society offers life-changing lectures from the nations leading presenters and a community where like-minded success oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed. The Society encourages community action, volunteerism, personal growth and strong leadership from its chapters and members around the world.[Learn More…]

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Phi Theta Kappa

This organization is a chapter of the international honors fraternity serving two-year institutions which offer associate degrees. The purpose of the organization is to recognize and encourage scholarship, leadership, service, and the cultivation of fellowship among students in the community college system. Students must have a 3.5+ GPA to qualify. [Learn More…]

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Rotaract Club

The ACC Rotaract Club is sponsored by The Rotary Club of Alamance County. Rotaract is an international service organization for college students that fosters leadership, responsible citizenship, encourages high ethical standards in business, and promotes peace and understanding among all human beings. Students participate in joint service projects with the Rotary members as well as professional development activities to grow as responsible, productive members in their chosen profession and in their community. [Learn More…]

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Sigma Delta Mu

ACC’s Chapter Zeta de North Carolina is part of the National Spanish Honor Society for two-year colleges. This chapter is being established to honor and recognize our students that are dedicated to the study of the Spanish Language and Hispanic cultures. [Learn More…]

Sigma Psi

Sigma Psi is open to any ACC students who are interested in psychology and/or sociology. The club seeks to increase student knowledge of the field through educational and recreational activities. During the year the club may sponsor field trips, service projects, speakers and fundraisers. [Learn More…]

Spanish Club

Spanish Club is dedicated to promoting a complete understanding of the Spanish culture, investigating community action and volunteer programs, and stimulating both member and community participation. [Learn More…]

Student Nurses Association

The Student Nurses Association is dedicated to the development of the whole person, the professional role, and the responsibility for the health care of people from all walks of life. [Learn More…]

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Visual Arts Club

Planned activities are used to promote the visual arts to fellow students and the public, bring better understanding of the visual arts, and provide a forum for members to show their art through club activities. [Learn More…]

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