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An Introductory Course for Process Technicians


What is BioWork?

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BioWork is a 136-hour non-credit certificate course that can lead to an entry-level position as a process technician.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are awarded for this course.  BioWork is intended for high school graduates, for those in manufacturing industries who have lost their job, and for those who would like to start a new career.

Successful completion of the course and exam will be accepted in lieu of BTC 181 Basic Lab Techniques for the curriculum Biotechnology or Agricultural Biotechnology programs.  


BioWork Information Sessions

BioWork Information Sessions have changed to a generic online BioWork information session followed by shorter on-site information sessions in which specific college requirements will be explained.  

Online Information Session: 

To learn more about the BioWork Program or learn how to start the registration process, visit the BioNetwork online BioWork information website here.

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Visit the online information session here.

Biowork Program Basics

  • Cost (including books): $183 + $100 textbook and $75 testing fee (optional)
  • Duration of Course: 8 weeks, depending upon section chosen to attend
  • Section Options: evening, and hybrid distance learning
  • Location : Alamance Community College, Carrington-Scott Campus – Powell Building

Program Highlights

  • Eight units of study designed by industry and directly related to biopharmaceutical technology
  • Hands-on lab and equipment training (50% of course)
  • Teamwork and problem-solving activities
  • Tour of the Biomanufacturing Training Education Center / BioNetwork Capstone Center and aseptic gowning training
  • Teaching expertise of industry veterans
  • Optional state certification exam for process technicians
  • Networking opportunities linked to career-building and job search
  • Optional resume support and interview practice
  • A link to additional hands-on training provided by the BioNetwork Capstone Center

Registration Requirements

Before you can register for BioWork, you must:

  • Hold a high school diploma or GED
  • Attend an information session.
  • Pay tuition ($183 fee)

Process Technicians

  • Operate, monitor, and control the production process.
  • Receive, transport, and store materials.
  • Collect and analyze materials used in production.
  • Inspect and maintain the production equipment and control systems.
  • Keep critical records on the process and product.
  • Maintain company safety, health, and environmental standards. 

Skilled process technicians are valued and in demand.
Contact the Biotechnology Department to get started today!