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A highly technical and robust program offered at Alamance Community College that trains students to be the software developers of tomorrow.

Pursue a variety of degree options in any of the following concentrations:

  • Computer Programming and Development
  • IT Business Support
  • Mobile Applications Development
  • Software and Web Development
  • Systems Security (Cybersecurity)
  • CCP Pathways
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Learn more about Information Technology.


Information Technology students learn by doing.

The Information Technology, Computer Programming and Development curriculum at Alamance Community College covers software development across all platforms (computers, web browsers and smartphones.) With our experienced faculty and plethora of funding, the information technology program at ACC will teach you the ins and outs of software development and coding languages like C++, Python, Java and SQL.

After completing this two-year program, students will be equipped with a programming/problem solving mindset – preparing them for multiple industry certification exams which include: Python, Java, PHP, HTML/CSS, Security+, Network+, MTA (Database Fundamentals, Networking Fundamentals, Security Fundamentals), and MOS (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access).

With our comprehensive course offerings, ACC prepares its graduates to take these certification exams and pass them. At ACC, we are committed to providing students with the skills to enhance their job prospects in the rapidly growing information technology sector..

Information Technology graduates earn $17-$30 hourly.

(Entry level estimate. Contingent on economy and geographic location)

What you'll learn

  • Write programs containing methods/functions with repetition structures
  • Create flowcharts to solve programming issues
  • Analyze, design, develop, and test a solution to a real-world programming problem
  • Give a professional, technical presentation pertaining to computer programming and development
  • Prepare for a career in a wide range of areas like business, design, health sciences, social sciences, and more

Jobs you'll qualify for

  • Web Designer/Developer
  • Administrator
  • Computer programmer
  • Software developer
  • Database programmer
  • Programmer/tester
  • Project Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Computer Analyst

Curriculum plans for all levels

We know everyone is starting this journey from different places. That's why each plan is outfitted with specific courses to help you achieve your goals in your own time-frame.


Take the deepest dive into Information Technology with a two-year Associate in Applied Sciences degree. Gain exposure in all areas of Information Technology to prepare for a lucrative career in the industry.


Are you interested in Information Technology but not sure you want to commit to a two-year degree program? Get a diploma in half the time by taking a variety of classes to help you gain all the skills needed to be successful.


Looking for a great value option? Learn all of the Information Technology basics in as little as one semester to become certified to begin employment as a developer, programmer or computer analyst.


Click "See Courses" to get to the department page for each specific concentration. See the different degree options and an example course schedule in the Curriculum Plans section located in the upper menu.

Computer Programming/Development

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IT Business Support

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Mobile Applications Development

Software and Web Development

Systems Security (Cybersecurity)

CCP Pathways

Join a group of skilled individuals who are moving the world forward with information technology.

As the demand for software development grows, most students will secure employment before they even graduate from ACC.

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