Healthcare Management Technology

Program Description

The Healthcare Management Technology curriculum prepares individuals for employment in healthcare business and financial operations in areas such as general healthcare management, entrepreneurship, and long-term care.

Course work includes medical office management, financial management, legal aspects of healthcare, medical insurance and billing analysis, and other topics depending on the subject area selected within this curriculum.

Career Opportunities

Graduates should qualify for employment opportunities in a variety of healthcare settings including hospitals, medical offices, outpatient clinics, long-term care facilities, and insurance companies.  Industry-recognized certifications may be available for graduates with work experience.

What Can You Earn?

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Use healthcare data to make informed business decisions.
  • Understand how to apply state and federal healthcare policies in a healthcare setting.
  • Understand the framework in which healthcare services are produced, coordinated, consumed, and reimbursed.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of strategic planning and decision making in the healthcare organizations.
  • Develop skills to collaborate and consult as a strategic member of the healthcare team. Skill at completing a complex team task within an allotted time, such as a marketing plan or case analysis paper and presentation.
  • Analyze and interpret financial information specific to the healthcare setting.
  • Develop appropriate professional behaviors and leadership skills for careers in health care.
  • Develop skills in preparing and delivering a well-organized, formal business presentation.
  • Demonstrate ability to write a clear, short business report or memo without grammatical mistakes.
  • Explain how medical records are used, shared, and stored by the medical office, and the relationships between these records and medical care, legal, and insurance, or billing concerns.

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Kim McKenzie
Department Head