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Learn the fundamentals of business functions and processes while gaining an understanding of business organizations in today’s global economy.

Degree Options to Fit Your Career Goals:

  • Associate in Applied Sciences Degree
    Develop skills applicable to the modern world in approximately two years with an Associate Degree in one of multiple concentrations.
  • Diploma
    Learn general Business Administration basics with a one-year diploma program.
  • Certificate
    Spend a semester
    earning your Business Administration certificate in one of several concentrations.
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Learn more about Business Administration.


Business Administration students learn by doing.

Alamance Community College equips you with everything you need to know about the intricate world of business administration through hands-on courses and curriculum. Thanks to our team of teachers ready to help students develop their skills, our Business Administration program allows students to gain perspective on a variety of concepts such as how to effectively run a business and how to oversee and manage multiple departments.

Our classes focusing on economic principles, entrepreneurship, management functions and more ensure our students start their careers fully prepared. Every company needs a business administrator – let us help you become one.

Business Administration graduates earn between $18,000-36,000 yearly.

(Entry level range. Contingent on economy and geographic location)

What you'll learn

  • Business ethics and legal framework
  • Management functions
  • Marketing of goods and services
  • Economic principles
  • Financial information
  • Entrepreneurship

Jobs you'll qualify for

  • Administrative support
  • Manager trainee
  • Operations manager
  • Customer service/sales representative
  • Human resources associate

Curriculum plans for all levels

We know everyone is starting this journey from different places. That's why each plan is outfitted with specific courses to help you achieve your goals in your own time-frame.


Take the deepest dive into Business Administration with a two-year Associate in Applied Sciences degree. Gain exposure in all areas of business systems to prepare for a lucrative career in the industry.

Day Courses


Are you interested in Business Administration but not sure you want to commit to a two-year degree program? Get a diploma in half the time by taking a variety of classes to help you gain all the skills needed to be successful.


Looking for a great value option? Learn all of the Business Administration basics in as little as one semester to become certified to begin employment as a representative or manager in a business setting.

Join a group of skilled individuals who are moving the world forward with business administration.

Starting yourself off with a strong foundation in business administration through ACC can lead to higher positions or more specialized areas of interest. Our program prepares students to take on a competitive business environment with confidence.

Modernize your skills