Program Overview and FAQs

The mission of Academic & Career Readiness is to provide educational opportunities for adults 18 years or older who have not completed high school or who would like assistance with basic education skills. This includes competence in reading, writing, speaking, problem-solving, or mathematics at a level necessary to function in society, on a job, or in the family. Sixteen- and 17-year-olds who are out of school may enter only under special regulations. High school graduates who would like to enroll in refresher courses are welcome. All classes are FREE of charge, but advance registration is required.

Academic & Career Readiness programs include:

  • GED®, HiSET® & Adult High School
  • Adult Basic Education (including ABLE & Career College)
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (including citizenship classes)
  • Online & Distance Options
  • Basic Skills Plus (tuition-free college credit pathways)

Location Contact Info Find Us
Literacy Building (Main Campus) 336-506-4376 Link to Google Maps
Dillingham Center (Satellite Campus) 336-506-4300 Link to Google Maps
CityGate Dream Center (Partner Location) 336-438-1463 Link to Google Maps


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  1. How do I get started?
  2. How much does the program cost?
  3. What do I need to do to request accommodations?
  4. How long does it take to complete the program?
  5. How do I determine which program is best for me?
  6. How do I enroll in class?
  7. I’ve finished classes, how do I get a transcript?
  8. Is there a graduation ceremony?
  9. What’s next after I complete the program?
  10. How do I volunteer?

1) How do I get started?

Before enrolling, students are required to make an appointment for an initial assessment and orientation so they may be placed in the appropriate program and level.

To enroll in GED®, HiSET®, Adult High School, or Placement Test Prep call (336) 506-4376 or email

To enroll in ELA, call (336) 506-4380 or email

To enroll in ABLE classes, call ACC’s ABLE Program Coordinator, Sabrina Otero, at (336) 506-4308

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2) How much does the program cost?

All Academic & Career Readiness classes are FREE!

Classes are free, however there is an official GED® testing fee of $80 for the GED® series of 4 tests and $75 for the HiSET® series of 5 tests. These fees are charged by the testing distributors, not ACC. Full/partial scholarships for these test fees are available to qualified ACC students.  Click here to learn more about High School Equivalency Testing.

Qualified students enrolled in High School Equivalency or Adult High School can also take free college credit courses in selected pathways through our Basic Skills Plus program.

We offer free childcare at our off-campus ELA class locations.  Click here to learn more about ELA.

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3) What do I need to do to request accommodations?

It is the student’s responsibility to initiate the accommodations request process.

For Official GED® testing, students must visit to request accommodations.  Please read the directions carefully, and allow up to 60 days for your request to be processed.

For Official HiSET® testing, students must visit to request accommodations.    Please read the directions carefully, and allow up to 6 weeks  for your request to be processed.

ACC’s Office of Disability Services staff are available to help if you have questions or need assistance with the High School Equivalency testing accommodations request process.

Follow the steps below to request classroom accommodations at ACC.  You are encouraged to start the classroom accommodations process 30 days prior to the beginning of a class or program.  Listed below are the steps:

1. Complete the accommodation request form

2. Submit the request form to Disability Services

Upon receiving this form, in most instances we will request that you provide documentation from a professional licensed in the specialty area about the current functional limitations of your disability or medical condition, and how it imposes on you while enrolled at ACC.  This documentation will be held in confidence.

Contact Information

The Office of Disability Services is part of Student Development at Alamance Community College. The office is located on the first floor in the Wallace Gee building, Room 128.  Visit our Disability Services Moodle Site (you may choose “Log in as a Guest” if you don’t yet have a Moodle account).

Monica Isbell, MSW

Coordinator of Special Needs & Counseling Services

333-506-4130    E-mail:

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4) How long does it take to complete the program?

Each person is different. Some factors that will determine how long it takes you to complete include: your current math and reading skill levels, how many high school credits you have earned, and how much time you have to devote to preparing.

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5) How do I determine which program is best for me?

Please browse our programs on this website. During orientation you will be given explanations and guidance to help you. Our assessments also act as a tool to determine the type of class you will be directed toward.

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6) How do I enroll in class?

For information about High School Equivalency (GED® and HiSET®) or Adult High School classes, please call (336) 506-4376 or email us at

For English Language Acquisition (ELA), call (336) 506-4380 or email

For ABLE classes, call (336) 506-4308 or email

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7) I’ve finished classes, how do I get a transcript?

If you have completed credits or graduated from our Adult High School program, you may request an official copy of your Adult High School transcript.  Our office is also currently providing official transcripts for those students who completed their GED® or HiSET® diplomas between 2002 – 2020.  Click here to download a copy of ACC’s AHS transcript request form. If you need an official copy of your GED® or HiSet® transcript, visit  Please note that AHS transcripts issued directly from ACC require 3-4 business days for processing; High School Equivalency transcripts from the state office may require 20-25 business days.

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8) Is there a graduation ceremony?

GED®, HiSET®, and Adult High School graduates are invited to march in our graduation ceremony each year.  Due to current events, please click the link below to see up-to-date details about our graduation plans.

HSE Commencement FAQ

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9) What’s next after I complete the program?

ACC offers many opportunities to continue your education. Our graduates receive a certificate for one free class at ACC that is good for one calendar year. Students who are entering curriculum programs must first complete the FAFSA form before redeeming their certificate. We invite you to take our FREE Placement Test Prep (BSP 2000) class to help prepare you for the college placement test. You will still be given a free class after completing BSP 2000.

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10) How do I volunteer?

You could make a huge difference in the life of an adult student! We welcome volunteers as classroom assistants, tutors, and office assistants. For more information about how to get involved, contact Victoria Rans at (336) 506-4407 for ELA or Sabrina Otero, at (336) 506-4308 for ABE and High School Equivalency or see more volunteer opportunities in Alamance County here.

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