College Prep (RISE)

RISE – Reinforced Instruction for Student Excellence

Academic and Career Readiness is offering Transitional Math and English classes for students at Alamance Community College for FREE. We are able do this through specialized state and federal funding in basic skills programming. To access this free program, you are required to fill out LEIS paperwork and agree to progress testing as mandated by state and federal guidelines.

There are many factors when determining which class section is right for you. Please contact your instructor or advisor if you have any questions. Your success is important to us!

These classes will:

  • Assist in preparing students for the math high school equivalency official test OR the reading high school equivalency official test
  • Provide a pre-requisite for college math and English classes upon successful completion

Rise Registration dates for Spring 2020 AM and PM

Thursday, Jan. 23

Thursday, Feb. 13

Thursday, March 12

All registrations will take place at 8:30 in Room 102 in the Literacy Building

  • Students will be required to complete ALL paperwork and Tabe Test(s) before being officially admitted into class.
  • Students MUST be able to access their ACC Access Email Account

 Classes will begin on the following Monday and Tuesday after registration.

A.M. Class Times

Monday – Thursday 

BSP4002 English – 9:30- 11:30             

BSP4003 Math – 12:10-2:10

P.M. Class Times These are Hybrid Classes with 4 hours in class and 4 hours online outside of the classroom.


BSP4003 Math – 6-8                              


BSP4002 English – 6-8

Classes are held in Room L102 in the Literacy Building

We wish you success along your educational journey!

To enroll, call (336) 506-4131 or email

We look forward to working with you!