Frequently Asked Questions

ACC ID numbers can be found in a student's Self-Service account under user profile. The CCP
office also emails this to students after their advising & registration appointment. Contact the
CCP office at or 336-506-4231 if you need assistance.

Class locations are listed in Self Service. Log in - go to Planning - Plan & Schedule. Campus
maps can be found by using the search feature on the ACC homepage.

Parking passes and student ID cards are free and can be obtained by filling out a registration
form through our public safety office at this link:

Transcripts may only be ordered by the student (not the CCP office). The cost for each
individual transcript is $3.50. Please visit our transcript page at this link:

Reach out to the CCP office (336-506-4231 or to schedule an
appointment with an advisor.

ACC class sections denoted by (E) are strictly online and do not have a specific meeting
time. Any ACC class section denoted by (EL) will meet virtually at the time noted in
Self Service. (ie, COM 231-01EL MWF 9:05-10:00 would be expected to attend class virtually at
the designated time).

Unofficial transcripts (which list each course, grade and semester taken) can be accessed in
Self Service. Official transcripts can be requested through Self Service as well.

Please access - Quick Links - Self Service and click Password Reset on
the left hand side of the page.

Please access - Services For Students - Bookstore. Scroll to the
bottom of the page and you will find “order books online”.

It is recommended to have your books on the first day of class, but not required. Course
assignments often begin on the first day so be sure to get your textbooks or online access
codes as soon after the first day as possible. Be aware that the ACC bookstore does not always
have each textbook in stock.

Please contact Distance Learning for questions about remote learning or IT
issues. They can be contacted at or 336-290-0555

Dual Enrollment or CCP students can NOT register themselves. This must be done
by a CCP advisor. It is helpful to plan your courses in Self Service but you must contact the
CCP office to schedule an advising and registration appointment to register for courses.

Students are responsible for the cost of books, equipment and any fees. In certain
circumstances a high school or school district may cover costs. Check with your high school
counselor to know if your materials are covered. Tuition is waived for CCP.

No. ACC’s cosmetology department loans CCP students a textbook and kit. They are provided
on the first day of class.

Please communicate with your high school counselor about this before ACC classes start. If, in
fact, you will miss an ACC class you need to communicate with the ACC instructor and to
confirm that you can stay in the class.

ACC and high school classes typically do NOT begin at the same time. Please be aware of that,
as ACC can not add students to classes once a semester’s drop/add period ends. Students can
access start dates in their self service account and advisors discuss this at advising meetings.

Students should always consult their school counselor before changing their ACC schedule.
Dropping classes could jeopardize graduation status and/or athletic eligibility. Students should
make every effort to have their schedule set before the ACC semester begins. Students can,
however, drop and add classes (if space permits) during the drop/add period, which is the first
four days of the semester. After that, students can add 12 week classes that have a later start
date. If students need to drop after the drop/add period (this should be avoided when possible),
they must email their course instructor and request to be dropped.

If students drop a class after the initial drop/add period but before the drop deadline, the course will show on the ACC transcript with a grade of WP for Withdraw Passing. This does not affect the college GPA but can affect financial aid if students apply for aid at ACC after high school graduation.

You may register for upcoming semesters by scheduling an advising appointment through the
CCP office at 336-506-4231 or

Students will be notified through their ACC email when a seat becomes available. Seats will
only be available for 24 hours. Since students can not register themselves, they must contact
the CCP within that 24 hours to claim their seat. Seats cannot be claimed on weekends or

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