“One of the most promising budget years”: ACC President, Trustees Push Community College Agenda with Legislators

(Above)The Alamance Community College delegation in Raleigh (l-r): SGA President and student trustee Alexandra Versace, ACC trustees William Gomory and Julie Scott Emmons, NC State Rep. Stephen Ross, trustee Powell Glidewell III, President Algie Gatewood, trustee Dr. Charles Scott, and BG (R) Blake Williams, ACC Trustees Board Chair.

(March 30, 2023)Six members of the Alamance Community College Board of Trustees accompanied college President Dr. Algie Gatewood to meet with elected officials on March 29 during the annual North Carolina Community College Legislative Day.

The centerpiece of Legislative Day is the opportunity for local community college leaders to meet with state representatives to urge approval of the NC Community College System (NCCCS) budget request.

Joining President Gatewood in Raleigh were members of the Alamance Community College (ACC) trustees: Board Chair BG (R) Blake Williams, and Julie Scott Emmons, William Gomory, Powell Glidewell III, Dr. Charles Scott, and Alexandra Versace, SGA president and student trustee.

The NCCCS is in year two of a three-year legislative agenda plan that was developed in partnership with the NC Association of Community College Presidents (NCACCP) and the NC Association of Community College Trustees (NCACCT).

The plan calls for the General Assembly to increase state funding by $232 million over the next two years. The increase would “strengthen and stabilize all campuses by investing in the value of community college students and employees,” according to the NCCCS agenda. This total request would include $145.8 million in student investment and $86.8 million in employee investment. The latter represents a 7% salary increase for all community college personnel, as defined by 3.5% in both Fiscal Year 2023-24 and 2024-25.

Following a morning briefing in Raleigh about the agenda, the ACC coterie met with NC Rep. Stephen Ross; and NC Rep. Dennis Riddell. A meeting with NC State Senator Amy Scott Galey will be scheduled on a future date.

Above, the Alamance Community College delegation also met with NC Rep. Dennis Riddell (back row, 3rd from left ) while in Raleigh.

“This year looks very promising for community colleges, perhaps one of the most promising budget years in recent history,” said ACC President Dr. Algie Gatewood. “This is very timely considering the need to invest in our faculty, our staff, and student learning. Community colleges are essential in meeting the workforce and training needs of today’s economy.”

The ACC delegation finished the afternoon by attending the NC House session, sitting in the gallery to observe.