ACC Adult Education Programs Exceed State Expectations

(August 31, 2022) – Alamance Community College has recorded impressive numbers on the North Carolina report card that assesses schools’ progress in adult education programming.

The College’s Academic and Career Readiness (ACR) department received a platinum “dot” status for exceeding excellence. ACR also ranked third in the state for MSG (Multiple Skills Gain) for the number of students achieving an increased educational level on an assessment, an attainment of a secondary school diploma, or employment attainment.

ACC’s Academic and Career Readiness budget, a combination of federal and state dollars, increased by almost ten percent during a challenging program year.

Jennifer Mock

Jennifer Mock

ACR serves students who are non-traditional, diverse, and are considered hard to serve populations under the Title II (WIOA) Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

“These outcomes represent successful transition to workforce development and ACC college programs,” said Jennifer Mock, Director of Academic and Career Readiness. “Ultimately this leads to increased upward economic mobility for ACC students. Academic and Career Readiness hopes to continue partnering with other areas of the college and strengthen the transition of all students.”

Academic and Career Readiness is also finding new ways to serve students through English and Math transitional classes, co-enrollment in integrated training classes, and support classes like medical math, digital literacy classes, and career pathway options.

“ACR continues to welcome English Language Learners through our expanded newcomer classes and offer support classes to anyone who needs to acquire English skills,” said Mock.

All adult education classes at ACC are offered free of charge. High School Equivalency official test fees are paid for by a grant through the United Way of Alamance County for Alamance County residents.

For more information, contact Jennifer Mock at 336-506-4375.