ACC Guarantees Debt-Free College with ‘Alamance Promise’ Initiative

(June 15, 2022) – Alamance Community College has introduced a new initiative called Alamance Promise that ensures all students with financial need can afford a two-year education.

Under Alamance Promise, the ACC Foundation will provide donated funds to bridge the gap as a “last-dollar” scholarship to fully pay for tuition and fees not covered by federal Pell grants, the Longleaf Commitment grant, and other state funding. In many cases, textbook and supply costs will be covered.

The ACC Foundation and the Financial Aid Office are partnering the Alamance Promise pilot program to ensure qualifying students can complete a credential without fear of financial hardships curtailing their educational ambitions.

“This is about addressing the belief gap in our community, about letting families know that college is attainable for their children and for themselves, that they can believe a college education is within reach,” said ACC President Dr. Algie Gatewood. “Alamance Promise will enhance enrollment and increase retention. This is also about making certain that educational attainment for our underserved populations does not end with a high school diploma.”

“Through Alamance Promise, the ACC Foundation may pay for supplemental needs such as licensure exams or the cost of field trips, as well as short-term assistance such as housing costs, utilities or childcare,” said Carolyn Rhode, Executive Director of the ACC Foundation. “These are costs not normally covered by state and federal grants.”

FAQ – Alamance Promise Scholarship

Q: What do I have to do to qualify for Alamance Promise?

A: All students must first do four important things to be awarded an Alamance Promise scholarship for free college:

  1. Apply to ACC (new students) by filling out an online application.
  2. Fill out your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form, which Financial Aid uses to award Pell and other grants to students.
  3. Apply to the ACC Foundation for named scholarships.
  4. Complete the RDS (Residency Determination Service) Application

Individuals who need assistance with the FAFSA or scholarship application should contact 336-506-4340. Students who work through this process, and who qualify, can be assured that attending ACC will be affordable for them.

Q: Are there any program restrictions on qualifying for Alamance Promise?

A: No Curriculum or Workforce Development student will be denied the ability to attend ACC due to financial need. ACC will not place restrictions on age, county of residence, or where they graduated from high school.

Q: How can Alamance Community College afford to offer free college through Alamance Promise?

A: The Alamance Community College Foundation is an important source of scholarships and aid that has helped students pay for college for more than 35 years through the generosity of thousands of businesses, organizations and individuals. In fact, 80-90% of ACC faculty and staff support our students by donating to the ACC Foundation.

Anyone interested in donating specifically to the Alamance Promise fund can do so this way:


Text “PROMISE” to 53-555

Q: I want Alamance Promise for free college. How do I begin?

A: Simply go to: