ACC Presents 2021-2022 Academic Awards to Students

Alamance Community College held a virtual ceremony on April 28 to announce the student recipients of 2021-2022 academic and club awards.



Academic Excellence

Annie Kang

Academic Achievement

Dillon Page



Accounting & Finance/Academic Excellence

Stephanie Orzoff, Maria Rodriguez Badillo

Business Administration/Academic Excellence

Jennifer Bryner

Business Administration/Academic Leadership

Justin Hill

Business Administration/Academic Resiliency

Franck Kone

Business Administration/Distinction

Caitlin Pfeifle, Courtney Madren, Kirsten Young

Chemistry/Academic Distinction

Amanda Curtis

Chemistry/Academic Inspiration

Tonya Coley

Early Childhood Education/Academic Distinction

Jane Hamp

Early Childhood Education/Academic Resiliency

Amber Nickerson

Early Childhood Education/Passion For Learning

Jozelyn Harrison  

English/Academic Excellence

Wilson Li, Thomas McKiernan, Hannah Nystrom, Jeffery McClure, Kaya Chan, Claire Brinkley, Keunwook Kang, Alexandra Versace, Victoria White, Sara Green

English/Academic Achievement

Eric Allshouse, Noemy Campos, Molly Widderich, Jackson Benes, Jessica Mora Lopez, Sable Ruffer, Fernanda Velazquez Orozco, Mattie Davis, Chase Foster

English/Academic Distinction

Christina Tucker

English/Academic Resiliency

Antoinette Ray

History/Academic Excellence

Timothy Carr, Koen Rohrer, Tracy Blethen, Wilson Li, Jeremy Hodges

History/Academic Achievement

Bavesha Naidoo, Haniya Thomas, Frank Anderson, Eikhi Tun

History/Academic Distinction

Christian Wilson

Information Technology/Academic Excellence

Logan White, Angel Havel, George Thompson, Chandler Stephens, Lexie Roberts

Information Technology/Academic Achievement

Katerine Pacheco-Miranda, William Worcester, Jordan Parquet, Kimberlyn Morales, Natalie Garrett, Helen Grace Buckland

Information Technology/Academic Distinction

Javin Hendrix

Information Technology/Academic Leadership

Marline Islas Sosa

Information Technology (Cybersecurity)/Academic Excellence

Jesse Lee Hudson

Mathematics/Academic Excellence

Logan A. White, Gleb Glushko

Mathematics/Academic Achievement

Sheemoo Tatataw

Mathematics/Academic Distinction

Daniel Dreher

Mathematics/Academic Resiliency

Elizabeth Kornstadt

Mathematics/Passion for Learning

Jesse Duncan, Jeffery McClure

Music/Academic Achievement

Nicholas Fox, Corah Wilkerson

Music/Academic Distinction

Cameron Zachary, James Smith

Office Administration/Academic Excellence

Jennifer Miller Walker

Medical Office Administration/Academic Distinction

Kathy James

Medical Office Administration/Academic Resiliency

Norma Lindsay McVey

Physics/Academic Excellence

Brooks Sims

Physics/Academic Achievement

Lizbeth Guaman

Psychology/Academic Excellence

Olivia Hedrick, Haley Gallimore

Psychology/Academic Achievement

Ruth Mann, Kathryn Pingleton

Psychology/Academic Distinction

Haley Durham

Psychology/Academic Resiliency

Marlin Schauble

Psychology/Passion for Learning

Anna Waddell

Sociology/Academic Excellence

Asha Godfrey, Julia Wright, Shane Hogan, Dillon Page



Biotechnology & Bioscience/Academic Excellence

Brooke Simmons, Leia Gartner

Biotechnology & Bioscience/Academic Achievement

Smit Prajapati

Biotechnology & Bioscience/Academic Resiliency

Jeffry Garcia Rodriguez

Biotechnology & Bioscience/Academic Leadership

Fabrizio Vallejos

Cosmetology/Academic Excellence

Ruby Rehburg, Haven Tickle

Criminal Justice/Academic Excellence

Jacqueline Pedraza, Cameron Burns, Jamare Parker, Julia Teague, Sarah Dailey, Daniela Magallanes

Medical Assisting/Academic Excellence

Kianie Richmond

Medical Assisting/Academic Achievement

Goi Hdok, Jaime Cubino, Candice Smith

Medical Assisting/Academic Inspiration

Taryn Payne

Medical Assisting/Passion for Learning

Jaime Cubino

Medical Laboratory Technology/Academic Excellence

Uc Eban, Dayna Horan, James Ezekiel

Medical Laboratory Technology/Academic Leadership

Emma Holt

Health Science Education/Academic Excellence

Tate Jones

Health Science Education/Academic Leadership

Jason Medina



Advertising & Graphic Design/Academic Excellence

Leonardo De la Torre-Jimenez

Advertising & Graphic Design/Academic Achievement

Yamilet Najera-Agundiz, Samantha Origgi

Advertising & Graphic Design/Academic Resiliency

Alejandro Rivera

Advertising & Graphic Design/Passion for Learning

Alissa Lohmann, Amber Schnurr, Clifton Levi Lewis, Carolyn Herrera-Lopez, Jimmy Matthews, Yowanna Harvey, Nina Andrews, Jaclynn Lloyd, Steven Gray, Andrew Wassil, Madison Pinnix, Jacob Ewan, Makayla Smith

Animal Care and Management/Academic Distinction

Delaney Gunter

Animal Care and Management/Passion for Learning

Yaneese Baldwin

Computer-Aided Drafting Technology/Academic Excellence

Katie Johnson, Jackson Pitts, Nathan Smith, Mahoua Meite, Gustavo Rodriguez-Lucas, Justin Matthews, Jerry Ordaz, Jefferson Rimmer, Mikayla Feichtinger, Guillermo Rios Herrera, Justin Watson, Lorri Chestnutt

Computer-Aided Drafting Technology/Academic Achievement

Stephanie Jimenez-Jimenez

Computer-Aided Drafting Technology/Academic Distinction

Gerzon Sanchez

Horticulture Technology/2022 National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) National Collegiate Landscape Competition (NCLC) 

Robert Brogan, 3rd place in Compact Excavator Operation; Laura Miller & Eric Levine, 1st place in Employee Development; Charlie Cheema, 9th place in Interior Landscape Design; Laura Miller, 9th place in Woody Plant ID; Cody Byrd, 1st place in Small Engine Repair; Laura Miller, 3rd place in Plant Problem Diagnosis; Lauren Staley & Laura Miller, 10th place in Irrigation Troubleshooting; Wendy Lipscomb & Charlie Cheema, 9th place in Irrigation Assembly; Eric Levine, 5th place in Business Management; Anaya McKenna-Bosse’, 5th place in Construction Cost Estimating; Charlie Cheema, 10th place in Irrigation Design; Herlinda Linder, Robert Brogan & Wendy Lipscomb, 7th place in Landscape Plant Installation; Eric Levine, 2nd place in Mini Track Loader Operation; Eric Levine, 1st place in Robotics & Technology in Landscape Design & Maintenance

Machining Technology/Passion for Learning

Roger Thompson

Welding Technology/Academic Excellence

Christopher Peoples

Welding Technology/Academic Leadership

Alex Gobel

Welding Technology/Passion for Learning

Josh White



ABSS Early College/Academic Excellence – History

Imari Duran

ABSS Early College/Passion for Learning – HEA

Jordan Parquet

ABSS Early College/Academic Resiliency – HEA

Natalie Baken

Burlington Christian Academy/Academic Achievement – Psychology      

Meleah Wilburn

Burlington Christian Academy/Passion for Learning – Psychology      

Mary Grace White

CTECH (Career & Technical Education Center) Academic Excellence – English

Molly Widderich

CTECH Award/Academic Excellence – Spanish Interpreting

Leslie Delgado Campos, Jessica Busko

CTECH Award/Academic Excellence – Psychology

Sophia Touchette, Valerie Byrd

CTECH Award/Academic Achievement – History

Valerie Byrd

CTECH Award/Academic Excellence – History

Janetta Pena-Zamora

Cedar Ridge High School/Academic Leadership – Advertising & Graphic Design

Amari Wright

Clover Garden School/Academic Achievement – Psychology

Daniel Meza Sarmiento

Clover Garden School/Academic Distinction – Psychology

H’Joepina Buonkrong

Clover Garden School/Academic Excellence – English

Carson Messick

Clover Garden School/Academic Achievement – English

H’Joepina Buonkrong

Graham High School/Academic Achievement – History
Genesis Beltran

Graham High School/Academic Excellence – English

Genesis Beltran

Graham High School/Passion for Learning – Psychology
Karen Perez Solana

Graham High School/Academic Distinction – Music
Daniel Romero Mota

Graham High School/Academic Achievement – Music
Janely Najera

Graham High School/Academic Excellence – Communications
Genesis Beltran

Graham High School/Academic Excellence – Mathematics
Genesis Beltran

Graham High School/Academic Distinction – Mathematics
Reyna Vital-Ramirez

River Mill Academy/Academic Excellence – Criminal Justice

Daniel Espinosa, Emma Mays, Braxton Walker, Nyariah Bradshaw

River Mill Academy/Academic Excellence – History

Hope Andrews, Daniel Espinosa

River Mill Academy/Academic Excellence – Psychology

Leah Murad, Hope Andrews

River Mill Academy/Academic Leadership – Mathematics

Katie Gomez

Southern Alamance High School/Academic Excellence – Criminal Justice

Preston Murray

Southern Alamance High School/Academic Inspiration – Criminal Justice

Kiya Lloyd

Williams High School/Academic Distinction – Advertising and Graphic Design

Derrick Douglas

Williams High School/Academic Excellence – Advertising and Graphic Design

Amari Bowe, Miracle Street


Academic and Career Readiness/Academic Resiliency – High School Equivalency

Sanaa Carroll

Academic and Career Readiness/Passion for Learning – High School Equivalency

Jessica Stewart, Brittany Lankhamdaeng

Academic and Career Readiness/Academic Inspiration – High School Equivalency

Amadeo Marroquin

Academic and Career Readiness/Academic Resiliency – High School Equivalency

Alondra Sanchez Romero

Academic and Career Readiness/Academic Excellence – Adult High School

Na’queria Logan

Academic and Career Readiness/Academic Inspiration – Adult High School

Mayra Carina Zetino

Academic and Career Readiness/Academic Inspiration – Citizenship

Huu Quan Dao

Academic and Career Readiness/Academic Excellence – Citizenship

Philomena Anthonipillai

Academic and Career Readiness/Academic Excellence – English Language Acquisition

Bertha Rut Monterroza Sabillon

Academic and Career Readiness/Passion for Learning – English Language Acquisition

Simon Vazquez Perez

Academic and Career Readiness/Passion for Learning – Beginner’s English & Civics

Myrna Barraza Vargas, Gabriela Ramirez Picardez


ACC Academic Honors Program/Academic Excellence

Kimera Naidoo, Logan White, Alexandria Fargis, Bella Brown, Julia Wright

Co-Admission Awards/Academic Excellence – Alamance Scholars

Riley Fennelle

Co-Admission Awards/Academic Excellence – C3 NC State

Shelby Creviston, Andrew Cheek

Co-Admission Awards/Academic Excellence – UNCW Pathways to Excellence

Claire Brinkley



ACC Ambassadors/Outstanding Leadership

Alexandria Fargis, Ruth Mann, Haith Makia, Meagan Vallejos Torres, Fabrizio Vallejos Torres, Kristjan Jordan, Kristen Hedrick, Imourana Issa

Beta Tau Chi/Making a Difference

Tekara Davis

Beta Tau Chi/Rising Star Award

Eboni Buck

Beta Tau Chi/Exceptional Service

Adontee Neddham

History Club/Outstanding Leadership

Coby Fecher

History Club/Quiet Influence Award

Claire Brinkley, Jackson Benes

Medical Assisting Club/Outstanding Leadership

Ashleigh Summers, Sha’taria Tyson

Medical Assisting Club/Making a Difference

Princess Logan

Medical Assisting Club/Quiet Influence Award

Kelly Fiscal

Mock Trial/Outstanding Leadership

Christopher Phillips, Robert Bulls, Titus Alston

Sigma Psi/Outstanding Leadership

Kimera Naidoo, Shane Hogan

Society of Sound Waves/Outstanding Leadership

Callie Bresch, Jaylen Madden

Stem Club/ Outstanding Leadership

Daniel Dreher

Veterans Club/ Outstanding Leadership

James Shaw, Christopher Remington, Christopher Gralewski, Roger Thompson

Work-Based Learning/ Outstanding Leadership

Marquis “TJ” Williams

Work-Based Learning/ Quiet Influence Award

Jala Johnston

State Level Awards/Academic Excellence Award

Logan White

State Level Awards/Dallas Herring Achievement Award

Jeffery McClure

State Level Awards/Gov. Robert W. Scott Leadership Award

Ruth Mann