ACC Announces Student Academic Awards

(May 1, 2020) – Alamance Community College held a ‘virtual’ awards ceremony April 30 to announce the student recipients of 2019-2020 academic and club awards.


Communications/Passion for Learning

Dustin Bibler

Creative Writing/Academic Excellence

Cassandra Sigmon, Melanie Dellinger, Connor Marshal

English/Academic Excellence

Morgan Moore, Jacquelyn Martin

History/Academic Excellence

Lydia Embry, Brendan Franklin, Tatiana Davis

Political Science/Academic Excellence

Cody Mills

Political Science/Academic Achievement

Amado Ruiz-Perez

Psychology/Academic Excellence

Hannah Barfield

Psychology/Academic Distinction

Ayden Ring

Sociology/Academic Distinction

Jose Arellano

Sociology/Academic Excellence

Tatiana Davis

Chemistry/Academic Distinction

Marilyn Ewewe

Chemistry/Academic Excellence

Ayden Ring

Physics/Academic Excellence

Dillon Drummond

Physics/Academic Distinction

Griffin Bonner

Physics/Academic Achievement

Katie Prater

Mathematics/Passion for Learning

Paul Ferrante

Mathematics/Academic Achievement

William Knight

Mathematics/Academic Distinction

Hannah Doucet

Music/Academic Excellence

Gabe Holder

Music/Academic Leadership

Elizabeth Cheek

Music/Academic Distinction

Earl McBride

Music/Passion for Learning

Hollyann Gardner

Spanish/Academic Excellence

Tamara Casey, Makayla Ward, Hannah Barfield, Rachael Pineda, Laura Sanchez Ramirez

Spanish/Passion for Learning

Tamara Casey, Hannah Barfield, Genevieve Reddick

Spanish/Academic Distinction

Alex Garcia Leon

Visual Arts/Passion for Learning

Natalie Dill

Geology/Academic Achievement

Joanna Cannone, Rojina Sautam

ACC Honors Program/Academic Achievement

Ipolani Garner



Accounting/Academic Achievement

Allan Clark, Virginia Hunker

Accounting/Academic Distinction

Diana Alfaro Cruz

Accounting/Academic Excellence

Vanessa Navarete-Ortiz, Dorothy Anthony, Abigail Peralta, Jeshuron Manning

Accounting/Academic Leadership

Mike Ewewe

Accounting/Passion for Learning

Sara Capes, Logan Wilson, Charitey Ernst, Rebecca Olson, Alba Villanueva, Tracy Lee, Stephen Gardiner, Kaylee Vasquez, Jennifer Johnson, Adriana Chavez, Yvette Strayhorn, Latina Stanley

Business Administration/Academic Achievement

Robert Cole

Business Administration/Academic Excellence

Angela Lee, Lisa Boswell, Cristina Madera

Business Administration/Academic Leadership

Rebecca McKendree, Melinda Wilson

Business Administration/Passion for Learning

Emmanuel Garcia Gomez, Yesenia Soto, Erin Pickard, Brently Yancey

Medical Office Administration/Academic Achievement

Jasmine Torian, Kathryn Richardson

Medical Office Administration/Academic Distinction

Catherine Lee

Medical Office Administration/Passion for Learning

Summer Meadows

Office Administration/Academic Leadership

Benjamin Pierce



Biotechnology & Bioscience/Academic Excellence

Hibat Gindeel

Biotechnology & Bioscience/Academic Leadership

Garoline Diaz

Nurse Aide/Academic Excellence

Haley M. Wood, Rebecca Smith, Christina Scotton, Karen D. Maldonado

Cosmetology/Outstanding Student

Kasey Martin, Eureka Slade, Alexandria Norton

Criminal Justice & Forensic Science Technology/Academic Excellence

Shelby Carl

Criminal Justice & Forensic Science Technology/Academic Achievement

Ariel Richmond

Criminal Justice Technology/Academic Excellence

Dylan Widmar, Hannah Oxendine

Dental Assisting/O’Ray Mackenzie Award

Sharita N. Yorke

Early Childhood Education/Outstanding Student

Candice Chavis, Anna Peterson

Histotechnology/Outstanding Student

Heath Clay

Medical Assisting/Passion for Learning

Lamair Clark, Shantee Lubin

Medical Assisting/Academic Achievement

Leslie Arington, Laura Holt, Tina Rosa Reliciano

Medical Assisting/Academic Excellence

Megan Cook, Elizabeth Griffin, Terry Ward

Medical Assisting/Academic Distinction

Princess Yellock



Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology/Academic Excellence

Evan Cratt, Seth Jones

Animal Care and Management Technology/Academic Excellence        

Michaela Albright

Automotive Systems Technology/Most Improved

Alexis Rodiguez Estrada

Automotive Systems Technology/Positivity Award

Zachary Uzodimma

Automotive Systems Technology/Keen Professionalism

Andrew C. Cook

Computer-Aided Drafting Technology/SolidWorks Associate

Cy Braddy, Douglas Knight, Jason Miller, Jason Taylor, Carlos Roque

Computer-Aided Drafting Technology/Additive Manufacturing Associate     

Cy Braddy, Audrey Devine, Douglas Knight, Jason Miller, Jason Taylor, Megan Patterson

Industrial Systems Technology/Academic Excellence

Frank Mercurio

Machining Technology/Academic Excellence

Caleb Jones

Machining Technology/Academic Achievement

Emily Adkins

Engineering/Academic Excellence

William Knight

Engineering/Passion for Learning

Katie Prater

Mechatronics Engineering Technology/Academic Distinction

Michael Bowyer

Welding/Outstanding Leadership

Cameron A. Tivnan

Student Award/Best Student Ambassador

Jeshuron Manning

Instructor Award/Good Colleague Award

Sherrill Crofts, Jerilyn Free

Horticulture Technology/2nd Place NC High School Landscape Competition, Arboriculture Throwball 2020

Emily Inman

Horticulture Technology/1st Place NC High School Landscape Competition, Arboriculture Speed Climb 2020

Paul Gulledge

Horticulture Technology/2nd Place NC High School Landscape Competition, Plant Problem Diagnosis 2020

Genevieve Reddick

Horticulture Technology/2nd Place NC High School Landscape Competition, Annual and Perennial Identification 2020

Wendy Lipscomb

Horticulture Technology/2nd Place NC High School Landscape Competition, Woody Plant Identification 2020

Wendy Lipscomb

Horticulture Technology/3rd Place TCIA Men’s Vertical Rope Ascent 2019

William Porterfield



ABSS Early College/Academic Excellence – History

Chelsea Frazilus, Michael Avillion, Ethan Brouwer

CTECH Award/Passion for Learning – Psychology

Katie Lorenz-Mitchell

CTECH Award/Academic Achievement – Psychology

Steven Wofford

CTECH Award/Academic Excellence – Psychology

Sade Torres

CTECH Award/Academic Distinction – Psychology

Ana Doan

CTECH Award/Academic Achievement – History

Jocelyn Cruz Cuna

CTECH Award/Academic Excellence – History

Gabriella Lee

Clover Garden/Academic Excellence – Psychology

Claire Smith

Clover Garden/Academic Distinction – Psychology

Mackenzie Smith

Clover Garden/Academic Excellence – English

Noah Tickle, Mackenzie Smith

Clover Garden/Academic Excellence – History

Ethan Jones, Ava Dillinger, Sarah Chapman

Clover Garden/Academic Excellence – Psychology

Sarah Chapman

River Mill Academy/Academic Excellence – History

Sarah Schmidt, Fisher Rudd

River Mill Academy/Academic Excellence – Psychology

Raea Tyson

Burlington Christian Academy/Academic Excellence – Psychology      

Mackenzie Johns, Autumn Mowry, Laura Gates

Burlington Christian Academy/Academic Excellence – Spanish

Mackenzie Johns, Benjamin Johns, Erin Isley

Graham High School/Academic Excellence – English

Cindy Castaneda-Salazar, Priscilla Guerrero Villagomez, Rachel Lopez, Aleah Ratliff, Gabriela Vazquez, Keri Wagner, Tristan Zombar

Graham High School/Academic Leadership – English
Rosa Marroquin, Jessica Romero, Andy Salinas Guerrero, Jose Torres-Reyes

Graham/Academic Distinction – English

David Bunker, Alejandra Garcia

Southern Alamance High School/Academic Excellence – Criminal Justice

Katy Hargrove

Southern Alamance High School/Academic Excellence – CJC

David Bryant

Williams High School/Academic Achievement – Advertising and Graphic Design

Hannah Marshall, Riley Fennelle

Williams High School/Academic Excellence – Advertising and Graphic Design

Kacey Cooper, Gabriella Pellerito, Grace Trollinger, Karina Linares, Alex Sanchez

Williams High School/Passion for Learning – Advertising and Graphic Design

Tiandria Tucker, Tyson Ratliff, Porcia Anderson, Grace Trollinger, Dara Roseboro, Emily Lewis, Bryannah Smith, Taylor Newell, Keanu Thompson

Cedar Ridge High School/Excellence in Videography – Hannah Marshall


Criminal Justice Club/Outstanding Leadership

Fransicus Dixon, Destiny Jones

History Club/Outstanding Leadership

Cheyenne Collins

History Club/Exceptional Service

Todd Perry

History Club/Quiet Influence Award

John Cooper

History Club/Making A Difference Award

Brendan Munroe, Tiffani Latimer, Ashleigh Summers

Mock Trial/Outstanding Leadership

Cody Mills

Mock Trial/Outstanding Advocacy

Gabriel Mercado

Mock Trial/Outstanding Communication

Cassie Stmad

Math and Physics Club/Exceptional Service

Jerry Terrell

Medical Assisting Club/Outstanding Leadership

Shandra Richmond

Medical Assisting Club/Exceptional Service

Tonisha Curtis, Sandra Somers

Information Technology Club/Exceptional Service

Jerry Terrell

Information Technology Club/Quiet Influence Award

Caleb Hodge

Information Technology Club/Rising Star Award

Alannahh Smith

Phi Theta Kappa/Outstanding Leadership

Kasey Price, Ashley Virgen

Phi Theta Kappa/Exceptional Service

Sarah Singer

Phi Theta Kappa/Making A Difference Award

Fara Ramaroson, Geselle Marquez

Phi Theta Kappa/Rising Star Award

Alexa Hanson

Phi Theta Kappa/Quiet Influence Award

Summer Meadows

Sigma Psi/Exceptional Service

Lauren Lochbaum

Veterans Association Club/Making A Difference Award

Gisela Rodriguez

Veterans Association Club/Exceptional Service

Sandra Somers


Cody Mills, Nessa Mitchem, Karan Patel, Gabe Redding, Ricketta Self



Henry Parr, Melvin Avelino, Jackson McBride, Chelsea Frazilus, Michael Avillion, Aryan Patel, Brooks Simms, Jaira Gonzalez-Ugalde, Jocelyn Cruz-Cuna, Stephanie Brambila, LeYang Chen