ACC Cyber Team Finishes Top 25% in National Cyber Games

The Alamance Community College Information Technologies Department fielded its first-ever student cyber team to compete in the National Cyber League 2020 Spring Games. Overall, the team placed in the top 25% of all competitors.

In the 48-hour challenge, accomplished completely online using collaborative tools, the ACC Cyber Squad, completed 65.5% of the problems with an overall accuracy of just under 63%. Team member Jessica Frank was a strong contributor, yielding 80.5% accuracy on the challenges fed her way.

The ACC Cyber Squad competed in the Silver bracket for intermediate-level competitors, and finished 110th out of 278 teams in that bracket. Out of all teams in all brackets, the ACC team secured 228th position out of 931 teams – a top 25% finish.

The National Cyber League (NCL) is the most inclusive, performance-based collegiate cybersecurity competition in existence today. Powered by a tool called Cyber Skyline, this competition enables students to prepare and test themselves by solving practical cybersecurity challenges that are realistic to what is seen in the modern workplace. Example challenges include identifying hackers based on forensic data, penetration testing vulnerable websites, and recovering from ransomware attacks.

ACC’s consisted of five student players: Alannah Smith, Jessica Frank, Caleb Hodge, Clint Hilbert and David Jaimes.

“The IT Department looks forward to supporting and growing these team experiences where students can collaborate on difficult challenges, honing both hard and soft skills,” said team faculty advisor Renard Spratling, Information Technologies Department Head.