4 Reasons Why Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technicians Have Job Security

air conditioning installation on rooftopAre you looking for a new career path that won’t lead to a dead end? Air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration technician could be a great fit for you. Here are four reasons why these technicians will always have job security.

  1. Air Conditioning, Heat, and Refrigeration Are Always Needed
    Air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration are essential functions in modern times. These technicians are real heroes in a power outage or a breakdown. That’s where you come in. Anywhere you go this technology will always be relevant and ever-changing. Whether it’s in companies, homes, hospitals or apartments, everyone needs to cool down or warm up.
  2. Jobs Are Out There
    Air conditioning repair and refrigeration companies are hiring. Whether the company is a large corporation or a locally owned business, they are continually looking for skilled technicians to help with repairs and installation. These jobs can be found anywhere in the country, and are a great option for a well paying, full-time job. 
  3. More Experience Means More Money
    Entry-level careers begin at an average wage of $8 to $12 per hour. With five years experience, that wage can increase to $14 to $22 per hour. Depending on the economic climate and season, your pay and opportunity for advancement will increase. You may even be so experienced that you could become the owner of a company or start a company of your own. In this field the possibilities are endless. 
  4. Adding to Your Skill Set
    Having a degree in air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration technology can greatly increase your value in your current job or on your resume. Workers like general contractors can also use these skill sets in businesses and homes, as they are “jacks of all trades.” 


Ready to Start?
Alamance Community College can help you start a career in a short time, without the cost of a four-year degree. Air conditioning, cooling, and heating technology is always changing and we want to prepare you with the latest knowledge and skill sets to get you ready for work. With engaging and hands-on classes, you’ll never feel unprepared. In our program, you’ll learn:

  • Mechanical Refrigeration
  • Advanced Comfort Systems
  • Electricity, Controls, and Safety
  • Basic Installation and Operation


Our Degree Options
ACC has three-degree options: a certificate, diploma, or an A.A.S. degree in air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration technology. Certificate and diploma students will learn basic skills in a hands-on environment. This includes classes on heat pumps, furnaces, air conditioning and various tools and equipment. A.A.S. students will learn those skills, as well as more advanced material like residential building codes, residential system sizing and heating and cooling theory. All of these skills are essential to a true understanding of this technology.

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Our New Facility
Our updated facility has all the latest technology you need to learn effectively and safely in the classroom. Our new and more spacious facility will serve as a learning center for all of ACC’s industrial technology programs, including Automotive Systems Technology, Welding, and more.

See What Could Be
See what Alamance Community College can do for you. If you’re ready to start pursuing your air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration technology degree our dedicated and helpful staff will help you find where to begin. Call us today to schedule a tour of our amazing new facility.