Short Education, Six-Figure Salaries: The Incredible Opportunity for Skilled Welders

person weldingWhen people think of welding, they may not immediately think of a well-paying job in an exciting environment utilizing high-tech tools and equipment. But the reality is, welding technology education presents an incredible opportunity to work in a variety of different industries while earning a sizeable salary. Some highly skilled welders make more than $100,000 annually. With training that can be completed in two years or less, that’s quite the earning potential.

Have we piqued your interest yet?
Not only do welders make great salaries, they can almost guarantee employment. Welding has always been a mainstay of the manufacturing industry. As long as products need to be created, welders will be required.

Over the past decade, technology has enhanced the field. Today’s welders use high-tech robots and automated systems to increase accuracy, quality, and safety. While many aspects of the trade have changed, one thing remains: skilled workers are in demand.


So what does it take to become a skilled welder?

Quality Training
The first step to entering the welding and metal field is to enroll in a quality training program. The Welding Technology program at Alamance Community College ( ACC) allows you to train under skilled professionals in state-of-the-art training facilities, earning your degree, diploma, or certificate in two years or less. The school you attend matters. Be sure to ask about outcomes for graduates who have completed the program.

Work Experience
Hands-on experience will not only set you up for the best job opportunities, it will allow you to hone your craft. Most welders don’t land a job with their certificate alone; they must prove their workmanship with a hands-on skill test. ACC can help you secure an apprenticeship to build your hands-on experience while you complete your coursework.  

Welding is not a mindless task. You’ll not only be learning to bond metals, you’ll be reading blueprints, mastering specialized math skills, working with high-tech computers, and more. It takes a great deal of dedication to secure a great welding career, but in this field, that dedication almost always pays off in a big way.


Where do welders work?
The opportunities are virtually endless. Many welders choose to work in today’s clean, high-tech manufacturing facilities. Some choose to enter the construction field. Others install pipelines, repair military equipment, or work on cars, ships, and aircraft.

Welders who are willing to travel or work in more dangerous conditions (like underwater or on an oil rig) have the potential to earn as much as some doctors and lawyers. How’s that for a two-year education?

What is the future outlook?
In a word: positive. Welding is a career path that is not dependent on the success of a single industry. If you put in the work to become a skilled welder, you have options. While this may require some flexibility, it presents a great opportunity to enjoy lasting job security.


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