5 Exciting Career Paths for Mechatronics Engineering Technology Graduates

students gathered around machineWhat can I do with a mechatronics engineering technology degree? 

We get this question a lot at Alamance Community College (ACC). People are curious about the programs offered in the new Center for Advanced Manufacturing and want to know what type of career they may be able to pursue.

The short answer is — your industry options are limitless.

The long answer is — virtually every field that relies on quality manufacturing is being transformed by new technology. The mechatronics engineering technology program will prepare students to work with high-tech, automated systems — from design and installation to maintenance and repair.

Mechatronics engineering offers a multidisciplinary, hands-on curriculum, and with an entry-level salary of approximately $50,000, it’s quickly becoming an appealing path.

Here are a few job fields that mechatronics engineering graduates commonly enter:

Project Management
As robotics integrates with manufacturing and assembly, strong project management is essential. Project managers connect team members and ensure well-defined, well-executed processes. They assign tasks, track progress, and play an active role in virtually all advanced manufacturing environments.

Robotics, which is a key component of the mechatronics engineering technology program, has allowed for the creation of hundreds of new medical devices. Prosthetics is one area where many mechatronics engineering graduates are able to make a difference. Thanks to new technology and skilled workers, mind-controlled prosthetic devices are becoming a reality.

Mechatronics engineering is already revolutionizing the automotive industry. Never before has there been such a demand for high-tech features on vehicles. From safety features to technology that enhances comfort, manufacturers know that mechatronics engineering is the answer. As a result, they are actively recruiting people with backgrounds in mechatronics engineering technology for automotive applications.

Aeronautics is another industry that is being transformed by mechatronics engineering and advanced manufacturing. While many aviation materials are being built and assembled by robots, there is a growing need for human workers who are skilled enough to diagnose glitches and maintain the automated systems. Boeing, the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners, is one of many companies hiring.

As mechatronics engineering technology careers grow, so will the need for those who can train skilled workers. Graduates can work in a variety of educational settings, including community colleges, universities, and inside companies with apprentices, to help prepare for the future of advanced manufacturing.

Learn More About Mechatronics Engineering Job Opportunities in Alamance County
The Mechatronics Engineering Technology (MET) program at ACC prepares students for job opportunities in new and expanding advanced manufacturing facilities. Students can earn an associate of applied science, a diploma, or a certificate in MET, allowing them to tailor their education to meet specific career goals. Whether you are a worker with several years of experience under your belt or a high school student approaching graduation, mechatronics engineering training can open new doors for you.

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