ACC’s First Honors Program Provides Advanced Course Study

Students in ACC’s first Honors Cohort

Students in ACC’s first Honors Cohort

Sixteen students are members of Alamance Community College’s first Honor’s Cohort this fall, a new program intended to provide students eager for advanced studies with a transformative learning experience that promotes critical thinking, community engagement and academic exploration.

The Honors program benefits students with smaller class sizes, honors recognition on both their transcript and diploma, special learning opportunities, and faculty mentorship.

To graduate with honors, students need to complete a minimum of six honors courses (such as critical thinking, world history, or leadership development). Completion of these 18 hours sets the students apart from others due to rigor of the courses, and they will receive an Honors designation on their diploma.

Students in the program must also complete an Experiential Learning Project (ELP) and present it to the Honors Advisory Committee. The ELP allows students to explore innovative solutions to an issue of their choosing. ELPs can include undergraduate research, service learning, internships, and artistic production. Students give an oral defense of their ELP to the Honors Advisory Committee.

“The best candidates would be students looking for advanced instruction, more academic rigor, and more opportunity to hone their critical thinking skills,” said Ben Shirley, coordinator of the program.

Students can be admitted to ACC’s Honors program for either fall or spring semester. Students should apply for the spring 2018 semester by December 1, 2017.

For more information about ACC’s Honors Program, contact Ben Shirley at 336-506-4163 or