Biotech Camp Makes Career Options Fun For Middle School Students


Middle school students in biotech lab.About 30 rising 7th and 8th grade students from an Alamance-Burlington Schools middle school summer camp were treated to a hands-on lesson in Alamance Community College’s Biotechnology department on June 20.

Funded by a National Science Foundation “Students Discover” grant, the camp emphasized citizen science – the idea that all citizens can be part of scientific discovery and research.

students in lab with instructor

ACC Biotechnology department head Michelle Sabaoun (above) taught the students the basics of DNA and how it’s used in identification of people by having the campers use their own cheek cell samples to extract DNA and simulate how it is analyzed.

Bringing the middle school students to ACC is another example of how the College is introducing science and industrial career opportunities to youngsters before they enter high school.

students in lab with equipment