Repeating Courses Policy

A student may repeat a curriculum course for credit in an effort to earn a higher grade and/or to improve mastery of course content. When a course is repeated, the last grade earned will be counted in determining the hours earned and in determining the grade point average at Alamance Community College. The last grade earned will become the grade of record, even if it is a lower grade. The previous course grade and hours are shown on the transcript but are not included in the grade point calculations.

Repeating a course may have implications for students receiving financial aid and/or Veterans benefits, and students should consult these offices to determine if repeating a course has a financial impact.

Students planning to transfer should note that the receiving institution may re-compute grade point averages and could include all grades in their calculations for admission decisions.

Selected programs have a more restrictive policy regarding how many times students may repeat a particular course for credit to fulfill program requirements.

Approved by Board of Trustees January 13, 2014.