Faculty Affairs Committee

The Faculty Affairs Committee assists the administration in improving college work, the educational environment, and the welfare of all instructors. Membership is composed of two faculty members from Industrial Technologies, three faculty members from Health and Public Services, and six faculty members from Business, Arts and Sciences. Members elected from each division will serve two-year terms. Terms are staggered so that one-half of the division representatives will be replaced each year. In addition, four at-large members will be elected annually by the faculty to serve on the committee. The committee chairperson or designee attends monthly Board of Trustees meetings. A designee will also serve on the Grievance Committee. Finally, the committee maintains communications with faculty associations and their activities at other community colleges in order to enhance the committee’s efficiency and accomplishments.

The role of the committee is:

  • To act as an open forum for discussing issues that pertain to ACC faculty.
  • To make recommendations to the administration pertinent to the faculty and the educational environment.
  • To select a faculty member as the recipient of the W. Ronald McCarter Excellence in Teaching Award and an adjunct faculty member as the recipient of the Adjunct Faculty Member of the Year Award.
  • To participate in the development of the academic calendar for the next two academic years.